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REVIEW: Miss Cupcake



Dreamland Toyworks joined forces with London-based artist olive47 to release Miss Cupcake. The little vinyl baked goods are a blind boxed series consisting of five different designs, with one goal…to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Miss Cupcake is made from the freshest materials to produce fine confectionary deliciousness. With a variety of flavours, she can delight even the pickiest of cupcake connoisseurs. She is also loyal and friendly and rarely bites back. Take her home today and start enjoying your new life together.


The Facts

Miss Cupcake
Manufacturer: Dreamland Toyworks
Artist: olive47
Material: Rotocast vinyl
Height: 3”
Points of Articulation: zero
Number of blind box designs: 5 (strawbers, kabluey, mint olive chip, chocakhan and a mystery variant)

REVIEW: Go Lucky Neko



After lapping up some weird, brightly coloured, glowing ooze, this litter of cute kittens turned into nine different types of lucky. Go Lucky Neko.

Dreamland Toyworks has released the Go Lucky Neko blind-boxed series of cute vinyl kittens. Designed by the artist Delme, the line uses the iconic Maneki Neko (Lucky Cat, Fortune Cat, etc) as the basis for an assortment of unique characters.

The Facts

Go Lucky Neko
Characters: Ichi, Tamashii, Stealth Cat, Robotsu, Shortbus, Zombie Kitten, El Diablo, Bean, and ???
Manufacturer: Dreamland Toyworks
Artist: Delme
Sculptor: Dave Bondi
Material: Rotocast Vinyl
Height: 3” tall
Points of Articulation: Two (arms)