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Dr. Apples – Ma Pomme Custom

The artist known as Apples has returned with another eerily lifelike custom. This time around it features a 4-inch tall Kidrobot Dunny as the base and - like the previous custom we showed - is based off of Apples' Dr. Apples Franchise. The Dr. Apples: Ma Pomme custom is currently available as a one-off piece, available for $250.00.

The following is the artist's description of this piece:

Dr. Apples is known for his tacky, uh I mean vibrant tastes in clothing. This is the first time his mother dressed him up. He wasn’t a fan then but it grew into me searching for cuff links on clearance every month. We are currently on the search to find his mother. She was kidnapped by fairies when he was a teen. Come with us on this journey of wonder and frustrations.

This is a custom, one-of-one 4” Munny of Dr. Apples. The base is Munny. His face and hands are made from polymer clay. His lovely brown eyes are resined to bring out the silent anger. He is wearing his signature black & white custom suit. This vinyl toy is based from a scene from the Dr. Apples Novella, Dr. Apples: The Origin, The Eye & the Journey. Some versions of the novella have illustrations made exactly from this one-of-one munny.

Bag of Worry Beans

Taylored Curiosities has released the Bag of Worry Beans. The bag includes 5 handmade Worry Beans (assorted colors) and an illustrated sticker package in an informative gift bag. Each bag runs £20.00 (about $25.00).

Worry Beans don’t want you to worry anymore.

They don’t want you to feel alone.

Whisper your worries to them so they can do all the worrying for you and you can relax with a worry free mind.

Plaseebo – Octoyouzha and his Gnawseatus Ogre Lottery

Plaseebo has announced the lottery details for the Octoyouzha and his Gnawseatus Ogre custom.  With lottery submissions open through Thursday July 11th 2019, this lottery is limited to 2 Plaseebo custom sets (each is unique).

The Octoyouzha is a mash-up of a Kearjun Youzha vinyl head on a clear vinyl Plaseebo Skullocto base filled with space junk and a motion activated color-changing LED unit. He is tethered by a metal chain to his Gnawseatus Ogre who is a 9.25-inch tall mash-up of a clear vinyl Plaseebo Gnaw head on a clear blue vinyl Seatus body from Gruesome Toys filled with space junk, bugs, red glass inset eyes and a motion activated color-changing LED unit with replaceable batteries. Both figures are painted with multiple sprays of Monster Kolor and signed by Bob Conge.

If you win the lottery, it will run $450.00 plus $20.00 for US shipping OR $60.00 for worldwide shipping.

To enter lottery, please send the following to

1. Name
2. Shipping Address
3. Country
4. Telephone Number
5. PayPal Email Address
6. Instagram ID

The lottery winners will receive notification emails by Friday July 12th 2019. Figures will ship from the USA upon receipt of payment due by Monday July 15th 2019.

Fakir Design – King Kong vs Gojira

Fakir Design has released their latest custom figures - the King Kong and Gojira 1000% Bearbrick figures. King Kong vs Gojira has been released separately, with each one being a one-of-a-kind custom that's signed, numbered, and dated by the artist. They are priced at €2150 for King Kong ($2,445) and €2350 for Gojira ($2,673) plus shipping.

Clearly Da Best Twertle Release

High Proof Toys has released their newest Twertle colorway - the Clearly Da Best Twertle colorway. This is their first ever double casting, featuring a hologram pigment shell suspended in clear resin. This version is a limited edition of 7 pieces and will run $35.00

Along with this colorway there will also be 3 one-off colors available for $40.00.

SDCC19: Furry Feline Creatives Releases

Furry Feline Creatives has announced their 2019 San Diego Comic Con Exclusives. You'll be able to pick these up at Booth #4435 (also, they're currently taking pre-order via the Furry Feline website).

Handmade Jumbo Super Toasty Avocadog - $70.00
A new super hero is born. Bogie dressed up as Super Toasty Avocadog, this is the Jumbo edition equipped with magnetic chili pepper sword and sunny-side egg shield. The plush measures 16 inches tall and is 100% handmade by designer artist Cheri Lynn Ong.

Handmade Jumbo Ultrasoft Poop Plush - $38.00
Furry Felines is known for their crap. Now, you can experience the softest poop plush you can ever feel using an ultrasoft fluffy fabric. The plus measures 12 inches tall and is 100% handmade by designer artist Cheri Lynn Ong.

The Bull, The Dead & The King Throne Set - $50.00
Furry Feline is introducing a new character in the set - the bull. These are interchangeable magnetic poop plushies that connects to the toilet throne and makes a flushing sound. King Poop and Zombie poop measures 6 inches tall while the bull measures 7 inches in height. The Toilet Throne measures 5 inches.

Purridge & Friends Collage Window Backpack - $60.00
Furry Feline Creatives is bringing their officially licensed Purridge & Friends x Serendipity bags in Asia to United States for the first time ever. This full size backpack made from Nylon with leatherette backing and straps with a heart shaped window where you put all your Furry Feline enamel pins.

Kickstarter: C is for Cthulhu Glow-in-the-Dark Plush

Jason Ciaramella and Greg Murphy have taken to Kickstarter in order to fund and subsequently produce their C is for Cthulhu Glow-in-the-Dark Plush. The plush is available in two different sizes: Baby - 6 inches tall; Standard - 12 inches tall. Each plush is made with a special special luminescent fabric that glows in the dark.

The Baby GID Cthulhu is available at the $25.00 funding level, while the Standard GID Cthulhu can be had at the $47.00 funding level. Also, there are a number of books and other items in the various backing levels.

This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by today (June 21st 2019) at 11:59PM ET.

As I say with all Kickstarter projects I post about. Remember...this is not a pre-order. There are many instances of crowd funded projects that have been funded never making good on their promised goods. So back all Kickstarters with caution.

SDCC19: Uglydolls San Diego Comic Con Exclusive

Available via the Hasbro Toy Shop, the San Diego Comic Con exclusive Uglydolls plush will include Wedghead, Wage, and Moxy - a 3-doll plush set from the Uglydolls Artist Series. Attending fans will be able to pick up this plush for $35.00 via Hasbro. Not sure if this means there won't be a separate Uglydolls booth at SDCC this year.

Classicbot Classic Giant Plush

Working with the plush start-up Dark Label HK, artist Philip Lee and Classicbot has created the Classicbot Classic Giant Plush. This life-size plush doll is the same size as the classic computer - around 19 inches in height. Produced in a small workshop, all the details on the original computer are represented with beautiful embroidery. You can pre-order yours now, with it being estimated to ship out around the end of August 2019.

There are a pair of colorways, the standard grey and the limited edition black editions. The grey version runs $72.00, while the black edition will cost you $99.00.

Introducing: Dr. Apples (Mega Munny)

I'll let you read the following press release from Dr. Apples...but in the meantime, this might be the creepiest Mega Bunny custom I have ever seen. The piece will go up for sale on June 15th 2019, running $1,200.00. So, if you've got some loose change and a penchant for terrifying yourself...grab Dr. Apples.

Born in New Orleans, a long while ago (he’s vain about his age), Dr. Apples’ has graced your presence because he felt it was time to fraternize with humans. He’s a doctor in his own mind. He’s more like a witch but don’t you dare call him this! Oddly enough he despises other witches. I think some of them took a few potential clients. He enjoys Nola-style traditions, fancy pants attire, Venti-Iced Soy Chai-Latte (no ice), and has a sweet spot for unicorns & children. Who knew?

Don’t let his looks fool you, he is highly educated, trained and skilled in curios, magick of all kinds, traveling through other dimensions, powerful spells and of course getting into nasty trouble. You can get lost in his stories of learning about various beings. He’s a traveler of various scopes. Wherever he is, he enjoys collecting various species as souvenirs. After bringing them home, he gets bored and sells them for absinthe money.

He hates fairies (don’t ask about the eye), despises witches (even though he is one technically) & is a bit snobbish towards humans (Who isn’t?). Whatever he has seen, he catches and preserves; all yours in exchange for money. He’s generous like that. We are currently on the search to find his mother. She was kidnapped by fairies. Come with us on this journey of wonder and annoyances. You’ll laugh, I’ll cry while he wreaks havoc the only way he knows how: by bothering me.

This is a custom, one-of-one 18” Mega Munny of Dr. Apples. The base is Mega Munny. His mouth is open and has a retractable silicone tongue. Feel free to put his dread locs in a ponytail although he might not like that one bit. His face and hands are made from polymer clay. He’s hand painted and airbrushed. He comes with his signature grey/white eye and charismatic ju-ju. He’s all dressed up just for you. Aren’t you special? He is physically located at The Odd’s End in Decatur, GA and is for sale online as well.