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5 Star: Horror

Funko's newly-launched 5 Star series is growing, but the latest additions might just give you nightmares. The 5 Star: Horror line includes Pennywise, Freddy Krueger, Chucky, and Jason Voorhees. The figures are posable, allowing you to reenact their most terrifying moments and actions, and accessories include a paper boat, red balloon, claws and a variety of bloody weapons.

You can currently pre-order these for $10.99 each over at (shipping anticipated for October 9 2018).

Hot Toys 1/6th scale Wakanda Throne

Hot Toys has announced the latest addition to their 1/6th scale Black Panther Collection series with the one-of-a kind Wakanda Throne, reserved for the young King of this futuristic African Nation. The throne collectible stands approximately 13 inches in height, 7.5 inches in width, and features an extra-high back peacock chair that's been combined with woven rattan ends, decorated with Wakanda’s unique graphical script, and finished with metallic painting and natural wood grain texture intricately.

If you're looking to properly seat your Black Panther figure - Sideshow Collectibles is currently taking pre-orders for the Wakanda Throne. It's priced at $110.00 and expected to begin shipping in Q4 of 2018.

Pop! Animation: One Piece S3

Join the crew of the Straw Hat Pirates and enjoy the camaraderie of sniper Usopp, archaeologist Nico Robin and cook Sanji. Battle Donquixote Doflamingo, captain of the Donquixote Pirates. Find the One Piece and crown your captain as the Pirate King.

Funko has introduced the Pop! Animation: One Piece Series 3 (I had no idea what One Piece was before writing's apparently a Japanese manga). You can currently pre-order these figures for $10.99 over at - or pick up some from the already released first two One Piece Pop! series.

The Bride of Chucky Burst-A-Box

Mezco has announced their newest Burst-A-Box figure. The Bride of Chucky Burst-A-Box features Scarred Chucky – the infamous homicidal doll containing the soul of a serial killer. Approximately 14” tall when “popped”, the Chucky Burst-A-Box features a scarred head sculpt and sports his signature ‘Good Guys’ overalls with stripped shirt. You can currently pre-order this collectible, with shipping expected between December 2018 and February 2019, for $50.00.

A tribute to the FVTHER of Street Art by JeAA

Artist JeAA sent us photos of his tribute to the FVTHER of Street Art. This one off custom stands in at 15 inches in height and was produced for the Russian Constructivism group show at Clutter Gallery. Currently available to purchase from Clutter for $3,500.00, the piece features the artist's "Neo expressionist art style". You can pick up this piece, plus check out other available customs, at Clutter.

Cometdebris Summer Releases

Cometdebris has announced a trio of summer releases (available now).

The Oni Kid is cast in clear red vinyl with black hair and a gold horn. It sells for $30.00. The Sametan is done in clear vinyl with silver glitter, and pink and blue clear sprays. The piece is filled with colorful sea creatures. This is a limited edition of 3 pieces, running $100.00 each. Finally, the Kid Ace is a yellow vinyl with blue and black. It'll run you $30.00.

Cognition Enhancer 8-inch Dunny by Doktor A

Ronson Travithick found a way to create super miniaturized clockwork mechanisms and employed them as the perfect system to generate brains. A thousand times more complex, faster and smarter than the previous system of pulleys and levers installed in most Mechtorian heads. Combining this with some patented Teslastein Static Injectors, enhances the process even further! Now the super fast and super compact cognitive engineering can complete your collection with the Kidrobot Cognition Enhancer 8" Dunny by Doktor A.

Kidrobot has released the limited edition Cognition Enhancer 8-inch Dunny by Doktor A. Available in two colorways, Sunday Best and Ritzy, they can currently be purchased for $100.00 each. The Sunday Best (blue brain with gold mustache) is limited to a run of 1,000 pieces, while the Ritzy colorway (red brain with silver 'stache) is a Kidrobot Exclusive and limited to only 300 pieces.

OYO celebrates MLB Players Weekend

MLB Players Weekend (for 2018) takes place August 24-26. This special weekend of games features players in unique uniforms, each with a special hat and the player's hand selected nickname on the back of the jersey. OYO is honoring this unique look with a small-run series of minifigures made specifically for this event. This is the first series of Players Weekend minifigures they have produced. Every minifigure made for this series is a special edition, with various limits depending on the player. You can pick them up for $12.99 each.

(I'd pick up the "Big Fella" Rhys Hoskins minifig)

Clockwork Pino Pre-Order from Fools Paradise

Welly, welly, welly, welly, welly, welly, well. Fools Paradise has announced the release details for their Clockwork Pino figure. (And damn them, knowing I have an insatiable need for collectibles based on A Clockwork Orange). Limited to a run of 498 pieces, the vinyl and PVC figure stands approximately 12 inches in height. It's currently available to pre-order, with a price of $328.00 ($298.00 plus $30.00 for global shipping). Look for it to begin shipping in Q1 of 2019.