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CCC’s PuDge (Lil’ pOtbellie)


Charles Creature Cabinet has introduced their newest piggy ball jointed doll - PuDge (Lil' pOtbellie). The nearly 2.5-inch tall resin figure is available in four different colors: pale pink, pale grey, tan, and choco (dark) tan. Each figure includes a Face-up, CCC Special Pillow Pouch, Card Of Authenticity, and random color glass eyes (the color cannot be chosen). They're currently available for pre-order (delivery is expected in February 2017) and are priced at €169 (currently $189.51).


Pop!: NHL


Funko has introduced their Pop!: NHL line. The lineup features some of the NHL's biggest stars such as Jamie Benn, Patrick Kane, Henrik Lundqvist, Connor McDavid, Morgan Rielly, Alex Ovechkin, Carey Price, Jonathan ToewsPatrick Kane, and Steven Stamkos. The set also has Sidney Crosby, captain of the 2016 Stanley Cup Champions, the Pittsburgh Penguins. Also, there will be several players available in their away jerseys - only at Grosnor. You'll be able to pick them all up beginning in November 2016.


Fools Paradise – The Last Ride


Fools Paradise has announced pre-order details for The Last Ride figure. Limited to a maximum of 398 pieces, the over 1 foot tall piece is currently available to pre-order. The collectible features a forlorn Batman contemplating a ride on a coin-operated Batmobile. It will be available to ship in the 4th quarter of 2016. You can grab one now for $325.00 ($295 plus $30 for shipping).

16 Bit Keshi


Bigmantoys has teamed up with Creature Factory (toy-design brand of prolific 3D modelling professional Oscar Torres) to bring a new line of rubber keshi minifigures based on gaming icons from the 80s and 90s, called 16BK (16 Bit Keshi). The 1.8-inch tall line launches with the Mortal Kombat inspired "MUSCLE Kombat" by Bigmantoys and Robocop-inspired "Robokeshi" by Creature Factory. They will be released as a flesh-color rubber 2-pack, with a limited run of open colorway one-off resin figures at first release .

The figures will be available beginning on Saturday October 1st 2016 at Midnight London Time (should be 7PM ET on September 31st). They'll run $25.00 for the flesh 2-pack, and $14.00 each for the resin one-offs.

Bigmantoys will also be releasing his own 3-D printed ABS bust of underground rock'n'roll legend GG Allin. The snarling, dog-collared scumbag stands at 5 inches tall, is made from glow-in-the-dark yellow ABS, and is limited to 10 pieces at $30.00 each.


ReAction: The Dark Crystal


Funko is helping you relive The Dark Crystal - the 1982 film from Jim Henson and Frank Oz. (And likely one of the films that most often haunted my nightmares as a child) The ReAction: The Dark Crystal line features Jen and Kira - the Gelflings, Aughra the astronomer,
UrSol the Chanter, and The Chamberlain. If you collect them all, you'll be able to assemble the crystal itself. Look for them to be released in October 2016.


2000 AD x ThreeA – 1/6th scale Judge Dredd


ThreeA Toys will be taking pre-orders for their 1/6th scale Judge Dredd figure beginning on September 29th 2017 (that might mean 9PM ET on the 28th) at and 3A Stockists Worldwide. It will be available for $200.00, with free worldwide shipping included on Bambaland orders.

Inspired by the art of Brian Bolland, the development team at ThreeA dug through page after glorious page of 2000 AD’s Progs to truly capture the details of Mega City One’s finest. From helmet to uniform, eagle to badge, to the dirt of the Cursed Earth on his boots, and his infamous craggy chin, this is the quintessential Judge Dredd collectible figure.

Judge Dredd comes equipped with an arsenal of weaponry for busting creeps. He'll have the Lawgivers Mk1 and Mk2, a Daystick, and the ThreeA designed Lawrod with detachable magazine and shoulder stock. Judge Dredd also features the ability to swap out his iconic scowl for a gritted teeth expression for when maximum sentencing is required.



The 1/6th scale Judge Dredd figure features the following:

  • Two Interchangeable Faces - Standard Scowl and Gritted Teeth Expressions
  • Four Sets of interchangeable hands
  • Lawgiver Mk1 features removable ammo magazine
  • Lawgiver Mk2 features removable ammo magazine
  • Lawrod features removable ammo magazine and shoulder stock
  • Daystick
    USD $200 Orders include Free Worldwide Shipping

Blood Majin From Outer Space

In collaboration with PapaLemon of PLT, Bob Conge and Plaseebo are offering up this one of a kind custom "Blood Majin From Outer Space”. This is a mash-up of the Blood Majin vinyl body with a hand cast resin Alien head from Plaseebo with inset red glass eyes. The figure stands in at 11.5 inches tall and has an internal remote controlled 3-LED multicolor mini lamp unit mounted in the head. The lamp comes with a 21 key multi-function remote controller with 13 selectable colors and 2 different modes: jump / fade. The figure is hand painted with Monster Kolor paints and comes signed.

The Blood Majin From Outer Space will be available on Tuesday, September 27th 2016 from the Plaseebo web shop.

Don’t Starve: Crabbit Plush


Scavenging the sandy shores of Don't Starve are the resilient yet timid crabbits. Now, thanks to ESC-Toy and Klei Entertainment, you can cuddle up next to Crabbit plush of your own. Featuring a removable voice box that plays crabbit gurgle sounds (pulled from the game's audio) when pressed, this soft shell crustacean also includes wire reinforced legs, arms, and eyes that can be posed, and an in-game item code. You can pick one up now from Klei's webshop for $34.99.

“Alea Iacta Est” from Copasquat Toys x Dski One


Copasquat Toys has released the four figure "Alea Iacta Est" (The Die Is Cast) by Copasquat Toys x Dski One. These clear and pink marbled vinyl figures have been tastefully painted by Dski One. Each one has a shake action LED light in the Ailesh cavity and comes bagged with a letter pressed header card. You can pick one up now (via the above link) for $80.00 per figure plus shipping.

Frank Kozik’s Hooverville Labbit


Kidrobot has released Frank Kozik's newest Smorkin' Labbit creation. The 10-inch Hooverville Labbit is a throwback to the depression era with his frayed overalls and stubble. The vintage black, grey and white colorway is available in stores and on The orange colorway is available exclusively on They're each available to purchase for $49.99.