Wilbur and Jiangshi Acolyte from Daniel Yu


Daniel Yu will be releasing several new figures beginning at 9PM ET today (Friday June 12th 2015). The Wilbur figure, inspired by H.P. Lovecraft's classic tale The Dunwich Horror, stands 3.75-inches tall and will be available in a cast Grey Edition (limited to 10 pieces), as well as two hand-painted mico-runs - Terracotta and Unicorn Barf, each limited to 5 pieces. The Grey Edition will run $30.00 each and the Terracotta and Unicorn Barf Editions will run $45.00.

The Jiangshi Acolyte figure stands in at 3.25-inches tall and comes in three editions: Grey, Jade Green, and Pink. Each color will be an edition of 10 pieces and run $20.00 each. You can also pick up a Jiangshi Acolyte 3-pack for $60.00. All of the items will be available to purchase from Daniel Yu's Online Shop.



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