ESC-Toy Black Friday Releases

ESC Black Friday 2013

ESC-Toy will be releasing a number of new pieces this Black Friday:

ESC PS Bot Pearl

PS-Bot Snow: 5 pieces - $120.00

ESC buntakerropi

Buntakerropi: 6 pieces - $30.00

ESC Twin Gray Camo Drake

Twin Camo Drake x Monster Kolor: 2 pieces - $750.00

ESC Blue Camo Smaria

Blue Camo S.Maria: 6 pieces - $250.00

ESC Dark Pooh Bear

Dark Pooh Bear: 1 pieces - $150.00

ESC LVL9999 Vanilla

LVL9999 Vanilla Jellyshot Custom: 25 pieces - $50.00

They will also be offering a special 20% off discount on everything in the store starting NOW. Enter ESCBLACKFRIDAY the coupon code at check out. The coupon code ends Sunday at 12am EST.

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