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2011 Toy Fairs Exclusive Shadow Predator

hot toys predator 2 shadow predator 1

Hot Toys has announced their second 2011 Toy Fairs Exclusive Item - the 1/6th scale Shadow Predator collectible figure. This character is from Predator 2, having appeared in the final scene of the movie.

hot toys predator 2 shadow predator 2
hot toys predator 2 shadow predator 4

The Shadow Predator includes the following accessories:

• Changeable expanded mouth
• Three pairs of interchangeable hands
• Retractable spear
• Shuriken
• Knife
• Bone trophies
• Chain with bones
• Figure stand with Shadow Predator nameplate and the movie logo

hot toys predator 2 shadow predator 5
hot toys predator 2 shadow predator 3


Amazing Toy Figures

This is really one great looking Predator.. Do far, I think the Shadow Predator and the Guardian Predator look simply amazing… I like the patterns on his head very much and the paint applications look perfect… It’s a pity that he did not come with a bio mask… I’m not sure whether he was not featured with a mask in the first place in the movie… Regardless, the new body and the nice looking head and some mixed media effect with the fur on his shoulders make the Shadow predator a beautiful piece… Definitely worth getting…

Steven Chia

I totally agree with ‘Amazing Toy Figures’ ‘s description. I got an extra brand new figure on hand. Got anyone interest? contact me via e-mail (

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