Day 12 of Giveaways: Onell Design

onell PhaseHunterArmed

Matt from Onell Design has hooked us (well...actually you) up with a pair of amazing prizes. The first place winner will receive the Phase Hunter Heavy Gunner custom (shown above). This one is loaded up with Onell's new Axis Joints.

onell CLU CycleOFF 2

The runner-up will win an equally impressive prize. For those Tron fans out there, Onell will be giving away this C.L.U. custom bike and figure. You probably saw it posted up on their blog...and now it can be yours. To win them, we're asking you to:

Tell us which one of the two is your favorite.

There are two ways to enter (enter both ways to double your chances):

1. Leave a comment on this post
2. Send a Tweet to @plasticandplush

This contest runs:

FROM: December 23rd 2010 at 10:30 AM EST
TO: December 24th 2010 at 10:30 AM EST
December 24th 2010 at 8:30 PM EST

136 thoughts on “Day 12 of Giveaways: Onell Design

    1. I dig the Tron inspired C.L.U light cycle custom the most out of these two. I blame it on Tron Legacy fever!! (I’ve seen the new movie three times already).

  1. Those are some amazing looking figures some one will be get a awesome Christmas present this year. Love the Gunner myself.

  2. The tron build is great but come on…that phase hunter is AMAZING!! Loved it from the second I saw it on Matt’s blogspot and definitely my fave of the two!

  3. I like the gunner as it showcases Glyos’s versatility. Matt has expanded the already wicked cool basic line to something we can all personalize as our Glyotian alter egos. Awesome job.

  4. This is a great way to start Xmas!Both are awesome figures from Onell!

    New to this, but definitely look to hook up some for me and friends too! Great gift for others!

  5. These are both so freeking sweet, so its hard to pick a favorite, I love the glyos line. Great give away for someone. The phase hunter gunner would have to be my favorite because of the intricacy of the parts used. The cape is such a nice detail to this figure and it really sets him off. The gun on him is absolutely amazing and i have to say the color scheme is a cut above the rest, I love how weathered he looks!! Dont get me wrong the tron build is awesome to and i think the black works really well with the yellow for sure but the phase hunter is just such a big bulky build so he stands out. SOOO COOL!! Kudos to matt for making such cool toys!

  6. based on the sheer amount of gobon involved in the bike i would have to pick clu and the cycle as my favorite. this is tangenital, but i’d love to see the phase hunter’s ride!

  7. The CLU cycle and Gendrone rider. A great custom build that anyone can replicate or incorporate into their own custom pieces- no painting skills required. The clear-solid axis joints are inspired as well.

  8. The Tron cycle figure is my favorite. The mix of the gun metal with the translucent yellow really hits my sweet spot.

  9. LOVE both, but am leaning towards the Heavy Gunner as my fave. Asked my 8-year old son to help me out and he agreed: “Dude! That gun is HUGE!” Nice work on both – that’s for sure!

  10. I like the C.L.U. custom bike and figure
    due to the combination of the black and
    clear yellow. Great color combination

  11. Tough choice for me as well…..but I think the Gunner wins out by a little bit. I would be happy with either though. Thanks for the chance at them.

  12. Here it is 2am X-mas day & I’m postin’ that the ONELL DESIGNS/GLYOS homage 2 TRON is my personal favorite! I got a yellow light cycle w/ Tron for my b-day the year the originals came out. I remember pullin’ that rip cord and lettin’ that cycle fly down m Grandma’s sloped sidewalk. Those cycles flew! Mine ended up quite battle damaged that day due to the cement scuffin’ the heck out of it, but, boy those toys were loads of fun! Matt’s Tron builds are absolutely amazing and the fact the cycle rolls like it does, makes me want to roll it down the sidewalk just like the good ol days (unfortunately neither my sons or I would ever think of actually doing that…or would they…? hehehe).

    Happy Holidays to everyone, congrats to the winners, & HUGE THANX to Matt & Brian for offerin’ up such great toys!


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