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Infectious iPad Skins

ipad skin

If you have an iPad, Infectious has a slew of rocking iPad skins to choose from. These are only $19.99 each. You can even make your own skin using the Infectious Custom Design App.

Marvelous Masterpiece Tribute Series – Punisher and Daredevil

rva daredevil

Rotobox Vinyl Anatomica has added two new character customs to their Marvelous Masterpiece Tribute Series. These are the Punisher Celsius and Daredevil Celsius customs. These have since sold out - they were running $170 each.

rva punisher who will be the next Marvel customs that the Rotobox folks release? Any guesses?

rva daredevil poster
rva punisher poster

Patch Together’s D-Rex

pt drex 1

Patch Together's newest figure is the D-Rex resin figure. A mixture of a Dragon and a Tyrannosaurus Rex, the character was designed by artist SuziDragonlady. This 8" tall piece is available for a pre-order price of $44.95 each.

LTD Tee Ouroboros t-shirt by Oliver Hibert

LTD Tee Oliver Hibert tee art

LTD Tee is offering up the Ouroboros t-shirt by Oliver Hibert for...a little over 3 hours. At the strike of midnight PST, the deal will be gone. But you can get it now for $29.99. And you can use the promo code "plasticandplush" to get 10% off your purchase.

LTD Tee: What was your inspiration or concept behind the artwork submitted to LTD Tee? How did this artwork come to life?

Oliver Hibert: I've been quite inspired lately by all things dark and dangerous, touching on reptiles, mythology and symbolism which is represented here with the theme of the iconic Ouroboros. This piece is in connection with my recent and current works of having the feel of a "bad trip", which is a bit of a change for me because most of my previous work has been considered as a "groovy trip". The psych colors and feeling will always be a big inspiration for me but I've been intrested in playing with and mixing those colors and feel with darker imagery and concepts...

LTD Tee: What artists or websites do you find inspiring? Where do you draw inspiration from? What is your favorite artwork (either your own or someone else’s)?

Oliver Hibert: Well, I like many different artists ranging in different styles for a lot of different reasons, many current and some that have long past. Though, currently I've been getting more and more into Egyptian art and Hieroglyphics... One of my favorite paintings ever is the well known and celebrated "Garden of Earthly Delight" by the amazing Hieronymus Bosch.

LTD Tee Oliver Hibert tee mens

LTD Tee: What is your favorite medium to work in and why?

Oliver Hibert: My favorite medium to work in is definitely Acrylic on wood or canvas. I am a true painter in my heart. After completing a piece, the sense of accomplishment makes me feel alive like nothing else. I also enjoy the fact that there is only one original copy that can never be truly duplicated, that makes it very special.

LTD Tee: Any tips for aspiring artists?

Oliver Hibert: Keep working at what you’re doing. Have faith in what you are making. Have fun with what you are creating. The most important person to please is yourself, so be yourself. If you are enjoying what you are doing then your right on track...

LTD Tee Oliver Hibert tee womens

LTD Tee: What is your core belief or ideology? What is something you would like to share, or think everyone should know?

Oliver Hibert: Some questions are better left unanswered, for me this applies to art in a big way.

LTD Tee: Anything else?

Oliver Hibert: I sneeze a lot but I kind of like the way it feels.

Toy Story 3 Cosbaby (M) Series

hottoys Toy StoryM Series

Hot Toys will be releasing three new figures for their Toy Story 3 Cosbaby (M) Series: Buzz Lightyear, Alien and Woody. These Cosbaby figures are a little larger than the norm, standing in at approximately 6 inches tall.

The Cosbaby (M) Series Accessories:

Buzz Lightyear includes a removable helmet.
Alien (featuring an open mouth) includes removable 3D glasses.

hottoys Toy Story M Alien
hottoys Toy Story M Buzz Lightyear
hottoys Toy Story M Woody

REVIEW: Roxybot

roxybot 03


You probably remember Stuffed Robot’s first plush release – Mellowtron. Well, now that character has a female companion as Stuffed Robot has revealed Roxybot.

One-hundred Roxybots were made. Roxybot was a hot-pink electric guitarist made to play for rock bands that could not find their own. Her system was modeled after past, successful rock stars such as Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, Jack White, Jimmy Page, Angus Young, and Keith Richards.

After a widely successful release, complaints began to flood in about Roxybot’s behavior. Stories of Roxybot destroying large amounts of sound equipment during shows, or excessive spending of band money on scarves and sunglasses were rampant. Unfortunately Roxybot had acquired both the brilliant shredding skills and the less than perfect personality of past rock’n’rollers.

In one week all 100 Roxybots had been returned to the factory that produced them. Now, all the Roxybots are sitting around the factory humming guitar rifts and mumbling in raspy English accents. Are these Roxybots really unfit to live amongst us? For the love of music Roxy deserves another chance.

roxybot 02

The Facts

Manufacturer: Stuffed Robot
Artist: Jessie Vogel and Billy Brown
Material: Plush
Dimensions: 31” tall
Accessories: Certificate of Authenticity; stickers
Edition Size: 100 pieces

roxybot 06


There's a small patch on the bottom of Roxybot that has your plush's number on it. The Roxybot we received did come with what looks like a piece of an old t-shirt with the background story screen printed on it. The plush is also packaged with a signed and numbered certificate of authenticity.

roxybot 07

Our Opinion

You can go to the Stuffed Robot website and select exactly which of the 100 Roxybots you’d like to purchase. Each number has a different tagline that you can see by scrolling over it. Do you want #53? Well, too bad because that’s the one we’re reviewing right here. Her tagline is “Just because I’m a robot doesn’t mean I act like one.

The first thing that you notice about the plush is the sheer size of it. Roxybot stands 31” in height from head to toe. Both the arms and legs measure 16” long. There’s a lot of material used.

roxybot 04

Oh…and who could miss the bright pink color? The plush has plenty of embroidered elements, such as the guitar on her chest, facial features, black square lines and bolt heads. Roxybot is numbered on the underside of the body. There’s a small white rectangular piece of embroidered material that has the number hand printed in black ink.

Roxybot is 100% Glam Rock. You can’t tell me that you don’t see David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust in that face. While Mellowtron was all about being a robot, it seems that this character is designed as a rocker first and a robot second.

roxybot 05

The quality on the Roxybot plush is fairly good. There are not many visible strings and all of the embroidering is without issue. The arms and legs, which appear to have vinyl printing applied to them to produce the stripes, are firmly attached.

If you dig the Roxybot character, we wholeheartedly recommend picking one up. For only $35 plus shipping, you get this enormous (over 2 feet tall) plush that’s well manufactured – but has a handmade feel to it. Rock on…or something.

roxybot 01

You can pick one up at the following:

Stuffed Robot: $35.00

Roxybot Grades

Plush Quality: 8/10
    Stitching: 9/10
    Material: 8/10
Softness: 8/10
Packaging/Tag: 6/10
Cuteness: 8/10
Fun Factor: 8/10
Value: 9/10

Overall: 9.0/10

Toy Story 3 Cosbaby (S) Series

hottoys Toy Story S Series

To celebrate the launch of Toy Story 3, Hot Toys is proud to present the Cosbaby (S) Series from the upcoming Toy Story movie. There are 7 announced (plus a secret version) Cosbaby figures, with each standing approximately 3 inches tall.

The designs inclusive: Alien (“Oooh...” Version); Alien (Smiley Version); Army Man; Buzz Lightyear; Emperor Zurg; Jessie; Woody; Secret Version.

hottoys Toy Story S Alien Oooh
hottoys Toy StoryS Alien Smiley
hottoys Toy Story S Army Man
hottoys Toy Story S Buzz Lightyear
hottoys Toy Story S Emperor Zurg
hottoys Toy Story S Jessie
hottoys Toy Story S Woody

TFD + Tessetoys: Alan & Tony Oakors

tfd banner

Two-Feet-Deep has announced the release of their second exclusive figure. 'Alan & Tony' are now available in six exclusive Two-Feet-Deep colorways. Each figure is cast in resin, then hand painted with spray paint, posca pens and acrylic paints. These limited edition Oakor figures were designed and handmade by Tesselate (Tessetoys) in the UK. And you can pick one up for £25.99 (about $38).

tfd 1
tfd 2

Specimens #5 and #6


DMS just released Specimens #5 and #6. These are one-of a kind figures measuring in at 3 3/4" in height. They are airbrushed resin plaster...and, unfortunately, these were sold even before being made. But more Specimens will be surfacing soon at the DMS store.

Big Onell Release – Today

onell CaliberDome

Onell Design is surprising us with a new wave of releases later today Saturday June 5th 2010 at 3PM EST. First up is the above pictured Caliber Dome (reconfigured light blue Callgrim). This is Onell Design's very first Callgrim crossover release and will be available for $10 each.

onell DSRDome3up

Next up is the Morphisar Conversion Set, which will sell for $20 per set of 47 parts. Each Morphisar will ship in one of 3 formations - DSR Dome, Dome Runner or a Phanost Clone with Roller Pack.

onell PhaseArmorPhanost

For those who prefer the smaller run custom Glyos figures, Onell will be releasing the General Phanost Custom Corps. Limited to 2 per customer, this limited run of special hand dyed Phanost figure are built up versions of the original figure. For $25 each, you can snag a blind bag that will get you one of four style figures: General Phanost Standard run, General Phanost Altervoth run, Phase Armor MK III Phanost gradient run and a special fourth type that remains a secret.

onell Randomizer

Finally, the Randomizer will give you a shot (for $8 per blind bag) at picking up a random Glyos figure. It could be an older PVC production piece or something from Matt's personal collection. You won't know until you open the bag.