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REVIEW: Peskimo’s Monster Burp

Background Peskimo – David and Jodie – designed a rather memorable art print for the London-based Monster Burp Show. It was so memorable that they recently teamed up with Crazy Label to produce and release a vinyl figure based on...

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Now Available at Frozen Empire Toys

This frosted and slightly transparent MAD*L designed by Andrew Bell ( stands at 5" in height and is limited to only 500 pieces. Be sure to pick up this super *cool* Frozen Empire Toys exclusive before it's gone! And be...

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Hot Toys

The Spirit – 1:6 Scale Figure

Hot Toys has announced that they will be producing figures based on the upcoming film - The Spirit. The first piece is the 1:6th scale The Spirit collectible figure. The figure features a number of accessories: Black shirt and pants...

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Superham Work in Progress

Check out these work in progress shots from Gary Ham. If you thought that whole thing about Superham being made out of basswood was made up, you can check out the project in the pre-painted stages.

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Musseloom Plush

Cutesypoo Toys has unveiled Musseloom, a super cute little guy with two mushrooms growing out of his head. The plush is made of super soft velour by ESC-Toy and designed by Jayson Thiessen. There is a limited run of 600...

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Tonner Doll Co., Toy Reviews

REVIEW: Poison Ivy – Sealed With A Kiss TCF

Background The second character from Tonner Doll’s exclusive Women of Power line is Poison Ivy: Sealed With a Kiss. This is the fashion doll version of Poison Ivy, aka Pamela Isley. She’s all “dolled” up in formal attire as opposed...

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Kozyndan’s Bunnyfish

Kozyndan - the London-based duo - have wanted to make a toy of their Bunnyfish character ever since a crocheted version of one was given to them by a nice fan named Jellibat in Australia. They teamed up with Klim...

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Donuts, Dreams and Winter Scenes

LA area artist and creator of Mr Toast, Dan Goodsell is having an online art show at Gallery 1988's new online art venue The show - Donuts, Dreams and Winter Scenes - is made up of 29 brand new...

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DKE Toys, Jamungo


Jamungo has released another CrappyCat colorway. The TUF-FLUCK CrappyCat is the black version (with a yellow eye) of the 9" tall vinyl. The figure is a limited edition of 500 pieces. Look for it to retail around $65. For wholesale...

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BEit Dude Has Skills

Either someone has been doing some crazy experiments bringing their toys to life, or they are just great at 3D animating. (I'm hoping it's the latter) The folks from Kicktoys have passed along the video of their skater BEit Dude...

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