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Ugly Con…Tomorrow


The opening reception for the premier Uglydoll event - Ugly Con - takes place tomorrow - Saturday, December 8th from 6PM until 10PM at Giant Robot San Francisco.

618 Shrader Street
San Francisco, CA 94117

Tonner Company Store Grand Opening


If you haven’t followed along with Shauna Perry’s blog, we’ll let you know that the Tonner Company Store will finally be opening on Saturday, December 8th from 10AM to 7PM.  The Kingston, NY store has been in the remodeling phase for several months now. 

Join the Tonner folks for the Grand Opening Festivities, which are taking place from 2PM to 4PM…immediately after the Factory SaleRobert Tonner will be on hand to welcome people to his new Company Store.

Dave Barnes’ Custom Bax Bear


Okay...I realize that the Bax Bear platform toy might just look like a slimmed down Qee.  But the above custom, by Dave Barnes, might be one of my favorite customs out there.  If they turned this one into a limited edition run, I"d be all about picking up the line.

Dark Horse’s Deluxe Jimbo


For the serious Gary Panter fans work, Dark Horse is offering an exclusive run of their Jimbo vinyl figure.  The Deluxe Jimbo vinyl figure comes with interchangeable t-shirts—one in white and one in black—each with a different design.  The special edition case-bound hardcover book that is included in the deluxe edition is a unique item.  The Deluxe Jimbo vinyl figure with special edition book is limited to 75 for worldwide distribution and will only be offered through Dark Horse Comics.  The release will coincide with the original limited edition Jimbo vinyl that will be available through other retail outlets.

TOUMA’s Slighter Vinyl


Two versions of TOUMA’s Slither, a new vinyl produced by Japan's Headlock Studio, is currently available exclusively from STRANGEco (in the US). The Red version was made for UK store Neon Martian, while the Yellow was made for Japan store Spanky.   The 7” long figure will run $47.99 each.

We Give You The Designer Toy Fix


We'd like to introduce you to our newest feature on Plastic and's called The Designer Toy Fix.  "What is it?" you might ask.  Well, we've created a video podcast that will bring you a little closer to the artists, producers and notable personalities in the designer toy world.

Each podcast will be approximately 10 to 15 minutes in length.  And you'll be able to download them for viewing on your iPod or computer.  Also, you can just watch the videos online by checking out our .Mac Web Gallery.

First up, we're talking with Derek Welch of UNKL Brand.  Check it out and tell us what you think!

Special Edition IWG Baby Cubs


Rocket World has announced several new Special Edition IWG Baby CubsNanook the Baby Bloody Polar Bear, Lakshmi the Baby Black Bear and the Cetawayo the Baby Black Rhino are each limited to a run of 100 pieces.  And for you customizers, here's your first chance to get your hands on and Insurgents Wilderness Gruppo blank.  The Baby Bear and Baby Rhino blanks are each limited to runs of 100.


Mini Spider Boom – Clear Version


The Club2R Exclusive Clear Mini Spider Boom should be available once reopens in 2008.  Look for the 2" tall piece, designed by David and Sun-Min, should retail around $10.  It's a limited run of 500, so you might want to act fast...if you can actually see it.

Steve Nash ASV Illustrations


MAD is responsible for illustrating the initial artwork for this Steve Nash All-Star Vinyl figure.  I must say that his work is rather impressive and I like that the stance is more action than posing.  Hopefully, Upper Deck will be able to realistically recreate the box art when sculpting the figure (which didn't seem to happen with Shaquille O'Neal).  Personally, I think I might have to go after the orange jersey.


Uglydolls On The Today Show

More TODAY holiday donations

Alita Friedman and a few Uglydolls made their way onto NBC's Today Show.  If you click the above photo, you should be able to watch the short video of Alita presenting Al Roker with $250,000 worth of Uglydolls.  All for the kids!  Yeah for Uglydolls!