Son of Sum (x3) from Plaseebo Custom

Plaseebo Custom offering up the first three issues of the Ultra Limited SON of SUM figure. They are hand cast in urethane and sculpted (and hand painted) by Bob Conge. Each measure 6” long by 4.75” high by 4.75” wide…

February is Uncle Abdul Time

Crazy Label has announced that the next character in the Seamour Sheep line – Uncle Abdul – will be released this coming February. The controversial suicide bomber (and Marty Mole’s uncle) is seen above as a prototype.

Zappy Holidays from Go Hero

Go Hero will see you in 2008 with all new… Original Properties Licensed Projects Super-Heroes Skateboards Space Ships Ray Guns Monsters Apparel Robots Plush Vinyl Toys Film Art Oh My !

REVIEW: IWG Combat Mod Squad Titus

Background Rocket World recently introduced us to their regular line of Combat Mod Squad figures. Titus and Affonso both have weapons strapped to their backs, slightly refined sculpts and retro Italian scooters. The scooters ridden by the I.W.G. have been…

Happy Holidays From The Saddest Devil

Is it sacrilegious for a devil to be wishing you happy holidays? It’s quite possible. But, what if he’s a sad devil? That might make it a little more appropriate. Either way…The Saddest Devil is wishing you his best.

UniPo Series 5: The Speed Demons

Derek from UNKL Brand was awestruck after attending a NASCAR race in Texas…so inspired that he decided to create a line of racing inspired UniPo’s. The Speed Demons line of 4 figures includes their very own law abiding friend. Look…

Sideshow Announces Reservoir Dogs Line

The holidays at Sideshow Collectibles means another special announcement. Reservoir Dogs. The company will be bringing Quentin Tarantino’s cult classic film characters to your shelves. Sideshow has the license to produce Vinyl Collectible Dolls, 12″ figures, Premium Format figures, dioramas,…

IWG 3 Deluxe Mini Amigos

Otter from Rocket World sent along news of the upcoming IWG 3 Mini Amigos line. And with that news…he sent along some pre-production sample photos. The IWG Deluxe Mini Set of minis will include three of the original Insurgents Wilderness…

Putrid Pal Prototypes

Crazy Label is showing off their painted Putrid Pal prototypes (say that five times fast). The current release date is slated for sometime in February. It looks like another great choice for Crazy Label…just check out the Putrid Pal comics.

Street-Tripping: Hops Prototype

Aaron aka Funkytwostep sent along news about his new prototype that’s currently in development. The figure is based on Hops…a character from his Chinatown, NYC based webcomic – Street-Tripping. Hops is s a little Chinese vampire. These are the first…

You Better Watch Out!

Klim and Scott from Bigshot Toyworks have sent along their holiday wishes to the readers of Plastic and Plush. I’m looking forward to the above pictured figure by Ashley Wood.