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Kobe Bryant All-Star Vinyl


Upper Deck's All-Star Vinyl line will be adding one more player to the mix - Kobe Bryant.  The Los Angeles Lakers star will be released this coming Tueday (April 24th) at 8:24AM PDT.  The home version will be limited to 1,500 pieces, while the away will have 500 available.

Bitter Sweets: Ryan Myers Show at PinkGhost


Bitter Sweets a solo show by Ryan Myers opened Satuday April 14, 2007 at PinkGhost in Ft. Lauderdale. Bitter Sweets pits the bitter versus the sweet, full of leering stares
from disenchanted children, looming conversation hearts and other disastrous confections, this new series brings images
of all-consuming melancholy to its paintings and custom vinyl toys.  There are still several pieces available.

i am 8-bit…Cameron Tiede


Cameron Tiede has sent us a look at the piece he has entered into the i am 8-bit show.  Yes, it definitely looks like Cameron has chosen Donkey Kong as his video game theme.

Octoplush Line From Miss Peal


Miss Peal has begun making her own plush line.  Called octoplush, we have photos of the first three characters.  These are not for sale, but other
models will be available very soon.  It's an interesting combination of music, graffiti and stuffed animals.


Man vs. Machine Custom


Dr. Bao and Spive have produced a custom Megaman diorama (named Man vs. Machine) for the i am 8-bit group show.  They decided to honor Megaman on his 20th birthday. 

Not only did the duo customize two 3" Dunnys, but they also produced a pretty cool diorama.  The enemy on this stage is named Vinylman.  You won't remember him from any of the many Megaman video games...that's because the NVC crew made him up.  Megaman also has to watch out for spikes and a working press.  O...and the old school Nintendo controllers actually produce sound when pressed.


Erick Scarecrow’s Shiitakes Parade


Well, this is one Do-It-Yourself custom show that I'm looking forward to.  Erick Scarecrow is curating the first ever Shiitakes Parade.  Since the guest list has been filled, you'll be able to purchase a 4" tall DIY Shiitake plush straight from the ESC Toy site - for $6.99 each.

The Shiitakes Parade will be held on June 16, 2007 from 4PM to 9PM at ToyQube located in Flushing, NY.

Toxic Swamp Series by Joe Ledbetter


After releasing several of the larger versions, Toy2R has dropped the 2.5" line of Joe Ledbetter's Toxic Swamp Series of Qees.  Ledbetter fans should rejoice, since they can get their hands on another of his lines.

REVIEW: Skullboy Vinyl



Skullboy was conceived by Jacob Chabot.  The immensely talented comic book artist won the right to have his comic published.  See…Dark Horse ran a contest called New Recruits, which received hundreds of comic book submissions from around the globe.  The top 6 contestants were chosen to be published in a compilation book.  Dark Horse then produced The Mighty Skullboy Army Volume 1 comic book.

While still in elementary school, Skullboy has plans of corporate and world domination.  Turnips, monkeys, robots and interns…the comic has it all.  So it was only fitting for Dark Horse to produce the 3D vinyl version of the main character.



Skullboy’s packaging is pretty impressive.  The window-front box allows you to display the figure MIB (…err mint-in-box).  There is a mini comic on the back, as well as an ad for The Mighty Skullboy Army Volume 1 paperback.

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Bear in Mind 3


“Bear in Mind 3"
is a group show of custom urban toys with bears and other creatures, all of which have been creatively modified.  The opening party takes place at Studio H2O in Milan, beginning at 8:00 PM on May 25, 2007.  The event continues for 3 days (through May 27th).  On display will be 50 styrofoam bears customized by 50 different
creative well as custom Spiky Baby and


via Arcivescovo Romilli 29

20139 Milano

tel 02/5693656

Bart Simpson Qee


With the release of the film version of The Simpsons slowly approaching, we'll probably be seeing an increase in the amount of Matt Groening related merchandise.  Toy2r is set to release a 3" and 10" Bart Simpson Qee figure. 

Here's a side note...I remember when I was in 6th grade and The Simpson were popular.  I wore a Bart Simpson t-shirt with the phrase "I'm Bart Simpson, who the hell are you?" on it.  My teacher told me to turn my shirt inside out because of "the language" on it.  I thought she was joking, so I laughed.  Then she grabbed my shirt, pulled it over my head and put it back on inside out.  I was scarred for life.