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Custom Blythe: Red

Sun-Min’s Favorite Spider


Here's one spider you probably won't try to squish.'s Spider Boom.  And this is an actual photo of the 8" tall plush arachnid - designed by Sun-Min Kim and produced by Toy2R.  You'll have to wait until July to get your hands on the pie eating spider...but it looks to be worth the wait.

Minty: The Unemployed Candy Bar Spokesperson


Maybe you remember a super-limited edition of Minty (with red and black eyes) being released in February of this year.  Maybe not.  Either way, this edition is set to be available in June this year.  Minty is 4" tall, limited to a run of 500 pieces and (if my currency converter is correct) would retail around $15!  It's a definite must-have for fans of David and Sun-Min...and another cool product from Toy2R.

SDCC Terrarium Keeper Egg Qee


You might have seen the normal version of Jeff Soto's 8-inch Terrarium Keeper Egg Qee...but this one is the San Diego Comic Con (an Tokyo Toy Fair) exclusive.  This exclusive colorway will be limited to a run of 300 pieces and available for approximately $90.

New Kaiju Figures!

Max Toy Company will begin taking pre-orders starting Tuesday, May 30th for 2 exclusive vinyl figures.  These will not be officially released or shipped until Gfest (Godzilla Fest in Chicago) on July 7th.


The first exclusive is the Clear Candy Red Hedorah with Glitter.  This figure is made by Marmit and Shono Kikaku and licensed by Toho, LTD.  It’s limited to 100, hand numbered pieces on an original header card. The figure is approximately 9 inches tall and runs $70.00 each (plus shipping and CA sales tax for CA residents).


Exclusive number two is Ghidora in 2 versions.  The first is painted in a classic Bullmark style  (Orange vinyl with green spray and silver accents), while the other is a Black version.  This figure is made by CCP and licensed by Toho, LTD.  It stands about 10 inches tall by 14 inches wide and 11 inches long.  There will be 100 pieces of the orange version and 30 of the black version.  You can only purchase the black version through the Max Toy website (if you’re a Toy Club member).  Each figure runs $75.00 (plus shipping and CA sales tax for CA residents).


Grendizer Custom from NVC Crew


Check out this custom Munny from Bao of the NVC Crew.  The Crew is composed of Spive and Dr. Bao (an actual dentist).  Sculpting teeth in wax and a love of the designer toy scene has led the good doc to some custom work.

Here are some pics of their Grendizer project.  This is the first custom figure in the set, which will also include an enemy and a background.  The NVC Crew decided on this project because Grendizer was their favorite character and animation.  I must say, I’ve never seen it…but I like the custom!


Wolverine – X-Men: The Last Stand


Sideshow Toys is celebrating the launch of the latest X-Men film – X-Men: The Last Stand – by offering Medicom’s 12-inch Wolverine figure from the film.  This figure is selling for $99.99 and is set to ship 4th quarter of this year.


Life Size Gel Qee


For the first time ever, a life size replica of GEL from David Horvath's Noupa series!  (David Horvath included for awesome squashing action)

This ain't no "design" and this ain't no designer toy.  This is 100% play in the mud, bury in the back yard, hide in backpack/leave text books at home, anti-illuminati fun for the whole family.

Only from Toy2R.


Zombies! Run!


Check out one of the latest licenses from Sideshow Toys.  It's The Dead 12-inch fiigures...and this figure is the Subject 5 - Security Guard.  He's a limited edition of 1,000 pieces and is a San Diego Comic Con exclusive.  The attendee edition will retail for $44.99.


CONTEST: Win Jeremy Fish’s Turtle Camper


Here’s a pretty cool contest, sponsored by Pop Thirteen.  We’re joining up to give away a Turtle Camper by Jeremy Fish and STRANGEco.

Here are the rules:

  • Contest runs through June 23rd (the day the figure is released)
  • You need to design a desktop for Pop Thirteen
  • Submit one question for Jeremy Fish

You can post the desktop and question in our accompanying contest thread in the Plastic and Plush Forum.  Pop Thirteen plans on doing a community interview with Fish, so these questions will actually be used. 

Click here for more details about the requirements for designing a desktop.