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Changes to Plastic and Plush

Beginning on Thursday December 1st 2011, Plastic and Plush is going to be undergoing some significant changes.

I have realized, running Plastic and Plush since December 2005 and starting in mid-2004, that producing an up-to-the-minute toy news blog - in addition to an 8 hour a day job and being a father to a toddler (with another soon on the way) - can be physically and mentally draining. For those who don't know, it's only me running the show here.

There are several forces at play here. I just don't have enough time in the day to post everything I would like to. And there are about 20 other sites that drop the same press releases that I receive. So, you're basically going to see a lot of the same stuff at most sites.

This takes time away from writing real articles and informative reporting. I want to get back to giving opinions...and to bring the focus of Plastic and Plush back to our reviews. I'm looking for informative substance rather than blurbs. Quality over Quantity. And to bring my voice back to the site.

I am currently in the process of preparing a weekly schedule. You'll still see news about all of the upcoming toy releases and art shows...they will just be grouped into weekly posts. Each week, I will be focusing on a different artist (if you're interested, shoot me an email) with exclusive content, interviews, etc. And there will be set days for posting reviews.

Thanks again for reading the site, and please feel free to post any opinions or suggestions...or shoot me an email.


Plastic and Plush Events Calendar

I've been wanting to put together an events calendar for a while. We often post toy release news or show information a week or more before it happens, so an events calendar would be a place you can keep track of all of this information.

I finally found what appears to be the perfect solution. I've created a public events calendar that will allow users to add new events. If you have a small run launching on a certain date and time. Add it. If your gallery is having an opening, or you're an artist with an art show opening. Add it.

The web address is: 

You should be able to set up reminders, link to your site, export calendars to iCal. There will be some tweaking needed, but go ahead and get to work!

We’ll be right back!

As some folks might have heard, the Raleigh, NC area got hit with several tornados this weekend. We've seen some crazy things...houses demolished, sheds hanging from power lines, hundred foot tall trees uprooted, etc. Luckily we have power back, but they've estimated midweek for cable and Internet service to resume. That means posts will be sporadic until hopefully Wednesday or Thursday. Please continue to send in any news, etc.

Thanks so much for checking out the site.

Plastic and Plush Jade Tuttz – Wave 2


You might have heard of these Tuttz resin figures from Eric Nocella Diaz (Argonaut Resins). Our first exclusive wave of 6 pieces sold out in under an hour. Well, END has really stepped up his game with the Plastic and Plush Exclusive Jade Tuttz Wave 2.

Wave 2 features 6 new Tuttz resin tints: Hellion, Jade Tint Underworld, Fireball, Clear Tint, Jade Clear Tint, and Jade Tint. These will be made available for sale on Thursday August 12th 2010 at 8PM EST. They'll be packaged blindbox style this time around. And you can pick one up for $55.00 plus $10 shipping US ($20 international shipping).


Plastic and Plush – Now Award Winning


So...Plastic and Plush ended up receiving an award from a site I had previously never heard of ( as one of their top 50 toy blogs. Actually, I had no idea that there were 50 toy blogs out there on this world wide web thingy. They're probably digging deep to find those last few. "Here's a site where a guy tastes his Matchbox cars...okay! He's a winner!"

Strangekiss Introduces Peet

peet colins
peet jpk

Strangekiss has unveiled several variants of the David Lanham designed Peet character. There is a small chance that some of the product samples and a few pieces for sale might arrive on time for San Diego Comic Con.

Shown above, in order, are the Peet Variants by Bryan Colins and Jon Paul Kaiser. Below, there are two more variant Peets...the first being by artist Sarah Miskelly Lunabee and the Peet Evil Variant from Jon Paul Kaiser...which will thankfully be a exclusive! All of these will be limited to runs of 100 pieces.

peet miskelly
peet jpk evil


Jade Tuttz Teaser Two


Hmm...these look familiar...yet slightly different. What's so different you might ask? The boxes are green. Could there be more Jade Tuttz resins coming from Argonaut Resins and Plastic and Plush? Can I ask you any other questions?


Jade Tuttz – 8PM

pandp jade tuttz

In just a few minutes (8PM EST), we'll be releasing the Plastic and Plush Exclusive Jade Tuttz through our online shop. The five unpainted figures will sell for $50 each, while the hand painted chase (painted by Eric Nocella Diaz of Argonaut Resins) will sell for $60. Shipping will be $10 in the US and $20 international.

These are all unique - tinted slightly different - so be sure to look at the circled Tuttz in the shop photos...that's the one you're buying. (I think it's easier to tell the slight differences when looking at all 6 lined up next to each other)

Plastic and Plush Exclusive Jade Tuttz

pandp jade tuttz

Here are the details on our Plastic and Plush Exclusive Jade Tuttz (shown above). There will only be 6 figures offered (although the entire run is going to consist of 12 figures). The Jade Tuttz resin (designed, sculpted and produced by Eric Nocella Diaz of Argonaut Resins) were originally going to be blind boxed, but as I've heard people want to purchase specific colors - I've decided to make them available individually.

They will go up for sale this Friday (April 30th, 2010) at 8PM EST through our Exclusive Shop. Each piece will run $50 plus shipping ($10 for US and $20 for international). These will sell out fast, so set your alarm.

Jade Tuttz Chase

tuttz chase 1
tuttz chase 3

We promised to give you a look at the Chase variant that will be included in our exclusive 6 piece run of Jade Tuttz resin figures. Eric from Argonaut Resins painted up this very special piece. I'll be dropping details on how/when you can order one of these tomorrow (Monday April 26th).

tuttz chase 2
tuttz chase 4