Plastic and Plush – Now Award Winning

So…Plastic and Plush ended up receiving an award from a site I had previously never heard of ( as one of their top 50 toy blogs. Actually, I had no … Read More

Strangekiss Introduces Peet

Strangekiss has unveiled several variants of the David Lanham designed Peet character. There is a small chance that some of the product samples and a few pieces for sale might … Read More

Jade Tuttz Teaser Two

Hmm…these look familiar…yet slightly different. What’s so different you might ask? The boxes are green. Could there be more Jade Tuttz resins coming from Argonaut Resins and Plastic and Plush? … Read More

Jade Tuttz – 8PM

In just a few minutes (8PM EST), we’ll be releasing the Plastic and Plush Exclusive Jade Tuttz through our online shop. The five unpainted figures will sell for $50 each, … Read More

Plastic and Plush Exclusive Jade Tuttz

Here are the details on our Plastic and Plush Exclusive Jade Tuttz (shown above). There will only be 6 figures offered (although the entire run is going to consist of … Read More

Jade Tuttz Chase

We promised to give you a look at the Chase variant that will be included in our exclusive 6 piece run of Jade Tuttz resin figures. Eric from Argonaut Resins … Read More

Jade Tuttz

Yep…we’re joining forces with Eric Nocella Diaz and Argonaut Resins to release the exclusive Jade Tuttz resin figures. We’ll be making six of these available – with each one having … Read More

Mingle Is Working!

A few months back, we introduced our social networking tool within the site – Mingle. I’ve finally gotten all of the bugs worked out, so you can upload your photo … Read More

Our Mystery Toy Box

Available through our Plastic and Plush Shop, we’re giving you the chance at picking up one of our limited number of Mystery Toy Boxes. These are available for $65 plus … Read More

Plastic & Plush Bear

Artist Alexander Gwynne has work his papercraft magic and created a great little half-plastic/half-plush bear…all on paper. His mother was a teddy bear, his father a plastic toy. Now the … Read More

Mingle With Us

We’ve added a new little feature here at Plastic and Plush. It’s called Mingle. You can go to to check out the newly integrated social networking tool. You’ll be … Read More

P&P in Geek Monthly

Okay…so here’s a little shameless self-promotion. I was quoted for a story entitled "The Vinyl Frontier: Designer toys are here to stay" in the November issue of Geek Monthly magazine. … Read More