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Andrew Bell @ Wootini

Only 1 week until Andrew Bell shows off all of "The Creatures in (His) Head" at Wootini.  I'll be there covering the events and taking some snapshots to let you all (or how they say it down here in NC...y'all)  catch a glimpse of what occurred.

And speaking of's your chance to check out some of Andrew's customized Groobs.  He's going to displaying them (and subsequently selling them) at the show.  Good luck getting your hands on one of them!


Take That Back!!!!


North Carolina's top designer toy shop - Wootini - presents Andrew Bell’s “Take That Back” on Friday September 9th from
  7pm - 12am in the Carr Mill Mall, Carrboro. Original art, books, tees and
  toys from Andrew Bell served up, along with refreshments and music from
Family. Show runs through 10 October.

Yours truly should be there covering the events as the joint is basically in my backyard...ok...maybe I'm a half hour away from Wootini. Let's cross our fingers and hope Andrew's Zliks are finished by then. If not, you will most definitely want to check out his newly released book - Now You've Done It. It's a very cool collection of Mr. Bell's work.