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New Years Edition Takoshi Vinyl

TAG Takoshin New Year 1

Toy Art Gallery is proud to present a new vinyl edition of Yakimon’s Takoshi. The New Years Takoshi is decked out in turquoise, orange, and gold spray on a glow-in-the-dark vinyl. Takoshi stands 8” tall and is articulated at the arms, head and waist. He features a removable mask and a miniature Tako vinyl.

The New Years Takoshi will be available on this Friday, January 3rd 2014 at Noon PST and retails for $125.00.

TAG Takoshin New Year 2
TAG Takoshin New Year 3

2013 Holiday Puke Edition Autopsy Baby

TAG holiday baby

In what might possibly be the most disturbing thing ever left under your Christmas tree, Toy Art Gallery is proud to present the exclusive 2013 Holiday Puke Edition Autopsy Baby from Miscreation Toys. The mixed marbled (in fresh, holiday colors) sofubi edition stands in at 9.5-inches of scream inducing Christmas cheer. Limited to only 20 pieces, the Holiday Puke Autopsy Baby will be available from this Friday, December 20th 2013, at Noon PT for $125.00.

Jyujin ENISHI Green Edition

Jyujin Green 1

Toy Art Gallery is proud to present their second exclusive Jyujin edition by Japanese artist GEEK! Produced by Medicom Toy, the Jyujin ENISHI Green Edition stands in at 12 inches tall and features various brown and green sprays on Japan made vinyl.

The Jyujin ENISHI Green Edition will be available this Wednesday, December 18th 2013, at Noon PT, and retails for $165.00.

Jyujin Green 2

Power Rangers – 20 Rangers for 20 Years

TAG Power Rangers Flyer 1

Toy Art Gallery will be hosting Power Rangers - 20 Rangers for 20 Years, a group art show and pop-up shop happening this weekend ONLY December 7th and 8th 2013 at TAG in Los Angeles, with an opening reception from 7PM to 10PM on the 7th. The event will highlight popular artists and designers from around the world and their one-of-a-kind painted 31” Ranger statues.

Each customized Ranger statue will be available for purchase on-site at Toy Art Gallery and online at during the event and throughout the weekend.

20 Rangers for 20 Years will feature hand painted Ranger statues from:

64 Colors, Ardabus Rubber, Bei Badgirl, Cope2, CRASH, Frank Kozik, Indie 184, Jim Mahfood, Josh Mayhem, Jryu, Kano, Lamour Supreme, Malcolm Stuart, Martin Hsu, Martin Ontiveros, Mathew Curan, MEGGS, Mikie Graham, Olek, Pretty In Plastic, Scott Tolleson, Shojono Tomo, Superdeux, TADO, Simone Legno of Tokidoki, and more.

TAG Power Rangers Flyer 2

Mikie Graham’s Demon Ranger Custom

Mikie Graham Demon Ranger 2

Mikie Graham will be taking part in the Power Rangers 20th Anniversary Show being held at Toy Art Gallery (December 7th 2013). For the show, he created a 30" Power Ranger custom - Demon Ranger - as well as 12 mini canvases using the Great Gosei mold he created for the figure. Each 4"x4" mini canvas includes the Gosei held on by magnets.

Mikie Graham Great Gosei 1

All of these will be available to purchase at the show or online.

Here's how Mikie describes his work on the Demon Ranger:

I did my best to keep the original shape of the iconic power ranger figure, tweaking the sculpt as little as possible... that being said, you may notice a few changes.

First off I removed "the Great Gosei" mask from the Ranger's belt, molded him, then added my resin cast Gosei masks to four key locations on my design. I choped off the origional face to sculpt in the new snake face (including 2 real teeth) then using the Ranger's original face I mounted it to his back to create the bug looking demon that you can see from behind. Finally a few minor sculpted details transformed the Rangers feet into monsters of their own.... shoes that Gene Simmons himself would be envious of! The rest was all hand painted using the contours of the rangers body as my guide. To finish him off I gave his massive cyclopean eyeball a good dose of gloss spray giving it that realistic wet look.

Mikie Graham Demon Ranger 1

TOTIMS Release at TAG

TAG Totims

Tomorrow, Wednesday December 4th 2013, at Noon PT, Toy Art Gallery will be releasing a new project with legendary toy designer Tim Clarke - the TOTIMS. Tim was once known as the King of Gross after co-creating Sectaurs (Coleco) and Boglins (Mattel) in the 1980s.

Each TOTIMS set consists of a total of 4 interchangeable parts which can be rearranged into multiple configurations: one top, two sectionals 1 bottom, plus two connectors and an extra top cap. All combined, they stand around 12 inches tall. The debut TOTIMS release is cast in a pink soft vinyl (made in Japan). Am I the only one who sees a giant disturbing phallus?

TAG Totims animation

TOTIMS Backstory:

For millions of years the TOTIMS have lived around us in virtual obscurity. Many thought that they were idols of a long lost primitive society depicted in stone. Little did we know that they are living, breathing creatures and they are tired of living in the shadows. Beware the rise of the TOTIMS! The Totims are made up of a highly classified society, with Kings, Generals, soldiers, and underlings. Many have said that those who possess TOTIMS derive certain powers to change the world around them. All we know is those that do have an uncanny power over those who don’t.

Designer Con Alavaka

TAG DCon Alavaka

Toy Art Gallery will be selling the exclusive Designer Con 2013 Alavaka at their booth. There will be 5 pieces available, each one with a unique colored splatter. There's no word on pricing just yet.

The Deathshead Ghost S’MURK

TAG Ghost Smurk 1

Toy Art Gallery has announced details about their exclusive edition of David Flores' Deathshead S’MURKS - The Ghost S’MURK. Produced by Japanese toy maker Black Book Toy, the 7” tall piece is sculpted by Knucke’s Little Chop Design.

The Deathshead Ghost S’MURK is a limited edition of 50 pieces and will be available in-store and online for $95.00 beginning this Thursday, October 17th 2013 at Noon PT.

TAG Ghost Smurk 2