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Stingy Jack by Brandt Peters

Stingy Jack 1

Tomenosuke + Circus Posterus are proud to announce their very first sofubi vinyl figure toy release: Stingy Jack by Brandt Peters. Sixty pieces will be made available through Circus Posterus’ gallery and store (Stranger Factory) and sixty pieces will be available at Tomenosuke (all sales outside of North America). The figure will retail for $95.00 (7,600 yen).

The Stranger Factory Stingy Jack Release:

Sunday August 26th 2012 at 1:00PM PT (only North American sales)

The Tomenosuke Stingy Jack Release:

Saturday August 25th 2012 Midnight Local Takayama, Japan time (all sales outside of North America)

Stingy Jack 2
Stingy Jack 3

Tomenosuke Exclusive: Troubleboys no7 Drifter

tomenosuke postcard1 web

Tomenosuke is revealing bits and pieces of information (and photos) of the Troubleboys no7 Drifter: Tomenosuke Exclusive. This piece was designed by FERG, specifically for Tomenosuke. The Drifter is slated to be completed in May 2012...and we'll give you more details as we get closer.

Erick Scarecrow x Eno Collab

ESC Tomenosuke ZONE6

Erick Scarecrow (ESC-Toy) has dropped a promo of an upcoming collaboration with Japan artist Eno from Tomenosuke. The figure is called "Zone 6", and it's slated to be dropping in late 2012.

Tomenosuke Exclusive Bronze Jumping Brain Japan Red Edition

TOMENOSUKE Jumping Brain 2

Tomenosuke is introducing their newest exclusive piece. The Bronze Jumping Brain Japan Red Edition is a bronze sculpture created by Emilio Garcia. Limited to only 5 pieces worldwide, it will be released at Midnight JST on February 18th 2012 (I believe 10:00AM EST on February 17th). Each piece will cost $1,500.00. For more info, check out here.

TOMENOSUKE Jumping Brain 1

Tomenosuke Exclusive Lady Butterfly Cherry Pink Edition

Tomenosuke Lady Aiko 2
Tomenosuke Lady Aiko 3

Tomenosuke is proud to present the Lady Butterfly Cherry Pink Edition by NY based street artist Aiko. This version is limited to only 10 pieces worldwide. It will be released on February 14th 2012 (Valentine’s Day) at 2:00PM JST. (That is at Midnight EST on the morning of February 14th). The Lady Butterfly Cherry Pink Edition will cost $550.00 and includes worldwide shipping.

Tomenosuke Lady Aiko 1
Tomenosuke Lady Aiko 4

Pretty Boi Bio-Morph


Erick Scarecrow has teamed up with Eno of Tomenosuke to produce this limited run of Pretty Boi Bio-Morph colorways. Each figure is a limited one-off piece. These are signed and numbered out of 5. It will also come with a print done by Yaji and ESC-Toy. They will be released at some time during this week via the ESC shop.

ESCToy YAJI PB print

Chap Lynn Warhol Tomenosuke Exclusive

Tomenosuke Chap Lynn Warhol

The Chap Lynn Warhol Tomenosuke Exclusive - from Erick Scarecrow - is limited to only 13 pieces worldwide. Each 7" tall figure will cost $300.00 plus shipping and handling. You'll only be able to purchase these through Tomenosuke. They will go up for sale at Midnight JST on January 31st 2012 (10:00AM EST on January 31st 2012).

Tomenosuke Chap Lynn

A New Tomenosuke Exclusive from ESC-Toy

Tomenosuke Exclusive Long Lost Sisters

tomenosuke esctoy

Erick Scarecrow is teasing an upcoming exclusive project that will land in the new year (2012...that is). ESC-Toy will be releasing this Tomenosuke Exclusive Long Lost Sisters resin figures...when, how much and what do the rest of them look like? I'm sure we'll find out soon.

Tomenosuke Exclusive Dragon King Green Hornet

tomenosuke dragon king green hornet 01

Tomenosuke has released their exclusive Dragon King Green Hornet by kaNO. Even though he's named the Green Hornet...this variant is obviously Kato (Bruce Lee). Available only via Tomenosuke (order form here), this version is limited to a run of only 75 pieces. Pick one up now for $70.00. **Definitely my favorite colorway**

tomenosuke dragon king green hornet 02
tomenosuke dragon king green hornet 03
tomenosuke dragon king green hornet 04