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Kidrobot 2010 NYCC Schedule

kr baseman dunny

Kidrobot has announced their exclusive list and signing schedule for New York Comic Con. They'll be in The Cultyard at booth #2674.

On Friday, October 8th 2010, (3PM to 5PM) Kidrobot will be hosting a signing panel with three artists from their 2Tone Dunny Series - PON, Aya Kakeda and Chuckboy. They'll also have an exclusive 2Tone Dunny t-shirt for $30.00, and the limited edition Gary Baseman exclusive Dunny available.

kr the deek

On Saturday, October 9th 2010, they'll be releasing the next piece from the Kidrobot Black label - Jeff Soto’s The Deek. The 6.5" vinyl figure is limited to 150 pieces and will run $100. Jeff will be signing and sketching at the booth from 1PM to 3PM.

kr shawnimals zombiestache

Finally, on Sunday, October 10th 2010, Kidrobot will have an exclusive pre-release of Shawnimals new Zombie ‘Stache. This one is limited to 100 pieces, running $45.00 each. Stop by their booth from 11AM to 1PM to meet Shawn and have him sign something.

Shawnimals’ Ninja of the Month: Undercover Ninja

Notm10 1
Notm10 4

Shawnimals set to release their next Ninja of the Month: Undercover Ninja. The newest October Ninja will be made available on Wednesday October 6th 2010 at 1PM CDT. The 7" x 7" plush is limited to 100 pieces and sells for $30.00 each.

From the tag:

"After the sneaky Evil Assistant snuck his way into Ninjatown, embarrassed Ol' Master Ninja created his own wee spy. And despite the third-rate costume, Undercover Ninja has the whole Dark Forest thinking he's Mr. Demon's number two! In short, he's in-cog-NEAT-O!"

Notm10 button sticker

Undercover Ninja includes:

• Signed and numbered fancy hang tag
• Fun accessories – a Wee Devil hood!
• A character sticker
• A character button

Ninja of the Month – Evil Syrup Ninja

notm 09 splash

Something evil has been brewing in the Dark Syrup pits deep within the Dark Forest, unbeknownst to even Mr. Demon and his band of baddies. Turns out an otherwise harmless Wee Ninja, drawn to the seductive toxic goo from afar thanks to a plate of waffles (no joke), has taken up residence inside. Inside the pits! Weird, right? Like a sort of Dark Syrup swamp thing! Eek!

notm09 1
notm09 2

Shawnimals is set to release the next Ninja of the Month - Evil Syrup Ninja - on Wednesday September 1st 2010 at 1PM CDT. When you order this $30.00 product you get...

• A handmade 7" × 7" plush Ninja limited to 100 pcs.
• Signed and numbered fancy hang tag
• Fun accessories – Dark Syrup spears and... a mysterious sash?!
• A character sticker
• A character button

notm09 button sticker

Ninja of the Month: Ninja Consultant

notm 08 1

Shawnimals has announced release details for the next Ninja of the Month: Ninja Consultant. Available on Wednesday August 4th 2010 at 1PM CDT, the 7" x 7" plush ninja is limited to a run of 100 pieces ($30.00 each)

From the tag:

"This Ninja lost his arm in a cookie eating, we mean fearsome battle. That doesn’t stop him from earning a living as a consultant. Impressive presentations and pie charts in tow, he’ll show you countless ways to make your ninja processes more efficient with side steps, smoke bombs and synergy."

notm08 button sticker
notm08 8


SDCC10: Shawnimals Exclusives

San Diego Comic Con arrives later this month and with it comes three all-new plush exclusives from Shawnimals. These handmade plush creations include:

shawnimals battlepack

Trees of Doom! Battle Pack
You've played the hit iPhone game and now you'll have the chance to own a pocket-sized version of the Flying Devil and Anti-Ninja plush. These 4"x4" plushies are limited to 100 total pieces are available for $35.00 per pack, exclusively from the DKE Toys booth.

shawnimals yeti beachbum

Yeti Ninja variant – Beach Bum edition
The Yeti Ninja - Beach Bum edition is limited to a run of 50 pieces. The 7" x 7" plush is signed and numbered and available exclusively at the Kidrobot booth for $45.00 each.

shawnimals yeti midnight

Yeti Ninja variant – Midnight edition
The Midnight edition of the Yeti Ninja is also limited to 50 pieces, running $45.00 each. However, this version is available exclusively from Rotofugi.

In addition, Shawn “Shawnimal” Smith will in attendance for the releases at each respective booth, and will be available for signings and quick doodles.

DKE Toys: Friday, July 23rd from 12PM – 2PM
Rotofugi: Friday, July 23rd from 2PM – 4PM
Kidrobot: Thursday, July 22nd at 1PM – 3PM

Additional, unannounced products will be available at this time as well.

Ninja of the Month: Mountain Ninja

notm07 1

The Shawnimals crew are set to release their next Ninja of the Month: Mountain Ninja. Available on Wednesday July 7th, 2010 at 1PM CDT, this 7" by 7" plush will be limited to a run of 100 pieces priced at $30 each.

notm 07 splash

From the tag:

"Summer! It gives this otherwise reclusive mountain dweller a chance to unwind at a relatively lower altitude. What past time, you ask? Rock climbing, of course. And Gort tossing—but only after he has had one too many Ninjatown Cherry Ales."

notm07 5
notm07 button sticker


Ninja of the Month: Ninja-Ninja

notm06 1

The Shawnimals crew is set to release the newest Ninja of the Month: Ninja-Ninja. This NOTM piece will be available on Wednesday June 2nd 2010 at 1PM CDT. The Ninja-Ninja handmade 7" × 7" plush is limited to only 100 pieces - at $30 each.

From the tag:

"They say two heads are better than one – at least when one of the heads isn't sleeping! If these conjoined Twinjas™ worked to get their sleep schedules in alignment, they'd surely be double the trouble for any evil doer nearby. Not to mention all-you-can-eat buffets."

notm06 button sticker

Ninja of the Month: Dark Forest Ninja


Shawnimals is set to release the next (May) Ninja of the Month: Dark Forest Ninja. "The Dark Forest is filled with countless evil things, so Ninjas dare not venture into it. If they do, they may end up like the Dark Forest Ninja — a literal shadow of his former self, ensnared and consumed by the darkest of vines, thorns and branches, dripping of Dark Syrup."

Available on Wednesday May 5th, 2010 at 1PM CDT, this handmade 7" × 7" plush Ninja is limited to 100 pieces. Each plush includes "A horribly evil Dark Forest leaf", a character sticker and character button. And as with each Ninja of the Month, this Shawnimals will run you $30 each.


Shawnimals’ Chicago Dog

shawnimals chicago dog 1

The Shawnimals crew has created an adorably delicious exclusive for the upcoming Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo in Chicago (C2E2). The Chicago Dog is a limited edition, handmade plush that comes with all of the appropriate Chicago Hot Dog felt fixings: a hot dog, mustard, onions, neon green relish, sport peppers, tomato slices, and a pickle, all on a poppy seed bun. Let's not forget the celery salt.

The 6" tall Chicago Dog comes in a clear poly-bag and is signed and numbered. Shawnimals will have 100 dogs on hand at the show, available directly from its booth for $25 each. While Shawnimals will release the plush on the first day of the show, it plans to ear-mark around 1/3 of the total units made available for each day. Also, should there be units left after the show, they'll be put online some time soon after.

shawnimals chicago dog 2

Ninja of the Month: Aqua Ninja

aqua front

Shawnimals are set to release the next Ninja of the Month: Aqua Ninja. This is the 4th Ninja to be released as a part of Shawnimals’ 12-part Ninja of the Month collection. Look for Aqua Ninja to be available on Wednesday April 7th, 2010 at 1PM CDT.

This highly-skilled Ninja is the guardian of all things wet: Waterways, the vast network of underground lakes below Ninjatown, even puddles. In fact, when submerged Aqua Ninja has the agility of a dolphin, the wits of an octopod, and is as cute as a baby otter!

The 7" × 7" Aqua Ninja is limited to a run of 100 pieces. Each one includes a signed and numbered hang tag, scuba mask, character sticker and button. All of $30 each.

aqua side1