Wee Devil Action Pen

Squibbles INK, Inc. (under the Inked Pulp label) is pleased to announce the Wee Devil Action Pen, the first design in a new series of limited edition Artist Action Pens. … Read More

Ninjatown Zipper Charms

Shawnimals and Squibbles Ink + Rotofugi have teamed up on a 16-design series of Ninjatown Zipper Charms set for a soft release on Friday, March 12th, 2010 in the Shawnimals … Read More

Ninja of the Month: Notso Wee Ninja

Shawnimals will be releasing their 3rd of 12 Ninjas of the Month: Notso Wee Ninja. "Notso is surprisingly agile, despite his seemingly… ahem… unbalanced physique. He loves cookies, of course, … Read More

Ninja of the Month: Yeti Ninja

The second Ninja of the Month from Shawnimals is the Yeti Ninja. Available today (Wednesday February 3rd) at 1PM CST, this plush will run $30 each (limited to 100 pieces) … Read More

Ninja of the Month: Baker Ninja

Shawnimals first plush Ninja of the Month is the Baker Ninja. This little guy is the first of 12 all-new Ninjas created for this special year long project. He’s all … Read More

Hobo Sandwich and Lunch Bunch

Available today (November 19th) at 1PM CST, Shawnimals will be releasing the newest plush from their Professor Fliggins line – Hobo Sandwich and the Lunch Bunch.   "This vagabond family … Read More

Shawnimals’ Winter Plush

Shawnimals have announced their newest seasonal plush – Winter Ninja – as part of their ongoing Fall Moustachio Madness campaign. Like the Summer Ninja, the Winter Ninja is handmade and … Read More

Shawnimals’ Land Lump

Shawnimals will be releasing their next limited edition (100 pieces) plush from their Professor Fliggins line – Land Lump – today (October 29th) at 1PM. “Fliggins leaves Pantsylvania in search of his homeland, and just when he thinks his final…

Moustacio Madness

The folks from Shawnimals are set to release a limited edition, handmade ‘blind bag’ series of pocket-sized Moustachio plushies. These will feature 10 new varieties of ‘staches. The line consists of 200 total pieces, with various ratios (up to 1/100)….

Shawnimals’ Stealth Kicky

The folks from Shawnimals have will be releasing their newest plush from the Professor Fliggins line today. Kane aka the Stealth Kicky has many hidden abilities, and even more intriguing: He was raised by Ninjas! That might explain his meditative,…

Shawnimals’ Pocket Scrub

The Shawnimals folks are set to release the newest in their on-going quarterly special releases – the Pocket Scrub. This all-new soap-shaped addition to the Pocket Plush family is boxed with a little window to the world for maximum cuteness…