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Cyclops Ninja - the mythical Ninjatown beast - in the Ninja of the Month for August 2011. The newest Shawnimals plush will go on sale beginning Wednesday August 3rd 2011 at 1:00PM CDT.

From the tag:

"Underworldly cave dwellers beware! This singlet wearing ninja of unknown origin has a little friend he'd like to introduce you to: Clubby. KLONK – right on your head! Thankfully, Cyclops Ninja has terrible depth perception, and can be confused with words like 'spelunker' and 'binocularly impaired'."

notm08 clubby

Like the rest of the NOTM series, you'll be able to purchase Cyclops Ninja for $30.00. You'll get the 7" x 7" plush (limited to 100 pieces) in his singlet, Klonking friend Clubby, a character sticker and a character button.

notm08 button sticker

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