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REVIEW: 3 Bunnywith Plushies



If you’ve followed the designer toy scene over the past few years, you have probably heard of Alex Pardee and his key creation – Bunnywith.  Bunnwith is a not so well endowed armless rabbit that finds himself combined with and/or in peculiar situations.

A few years back, Rock America released the first series of Bunnywith plush toys.  That series included the original Bunnywith, Bunywith Baby, Bunnywith Siamese Twin and Bunnywith Tentacles (white and black versions).  They also did a number of exclusives for Spencer’s Gifts.   

The 4 newest Bunnywith plush figures are: Bunnywith Anger Management Issues (SDCC exclusive), Bunnywith Recent Steroid Abuse, Bunnywith Job Interview and Bunnywith Homesick Abortion.  We’re not reviewing the last of the list…since it might be a little too disturbing for younger readers.



Rock America has changed up the packing the Bunnywith line.  They have gone from a cardboard box to a plastic cylinder style of packaging.  There is great artwork from Pardee on the rear of each cylinder.

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REVIEW: Attaboy’s Fuzzy Axtrx



Attaboy and Rock America are back at it with a new variation on their widely popular Axtrx vinyl figure.  The Fuzzy on the Outside Axtrx is currently available in two different colors – hot pink and jet black.  If you remember, the Axtrx is supposedly the physical embodiment of the asterisk (*). 



The old, cartoonish-style green box has been replaced with an updated window-front box that more closely resembles Attaboy’s current artistic style.  There is a special insert, written by Attaboy, that talks about the elusive glow-in-the-dark Fuzzy Axtrx.  Does it really exist?


The Figures

The Fuzzy Axtrx figures use the same sculpt and mold we saw used on the original green Axtrx.  What has changed is that the figures are now flocked and fuzzy.  They are approximately 4” in height and made of rotocast vinyl.  Every Axtrx figure includes 5 interchangeable mouths.  Both versions (pink and black) are limited to a run of 250 pieces and are running around $25.

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Fuzzy on the Outside Flocked Axtrx


Attaboy has put his Fuzzy on the Outside Flocked Axtrx figure up for pre-order through his Yumfactory site.  You might be used to seeing a green Axtrx, but the pink and black flocked rotocast toys are limited to 250 pieces each.  Each figure will be in special packaging (with a special insert) and retail for $25.  The flocked Axtrx will arrive in mid-September and are being distributed by DKE Toys.


New Bunnywith Plush


Rock America and Alex Pardee are set to release 4 new Bunnywith designs: Bunnywith Recent Steroid Abuse, Bunnywith Job Interview, Bunnywith Anger Management Issues and Bunnywith Homesick Abortion.  The Bunnywith Anger Management Issues was to be the SDCC exclusive...however it didn't arrive in time.  That plush is limited to a run of 300, while the others will be runs of 600 pieces.  We aren't posting photos of the Bunnywith Homesick Abortion as this might disturb some of our younger readers.   Look for the plushies to retail around $20.  If you're interested in stocking them, DKE Toys is handling the wholesale duties.


In Search of…The Fuzzy Axtrx


We had heard about this...but now we have pictures to back up the rumors.  Attaboy and Rock America have produced a flocked version of Atta's classic Axtrx vinyl figure.  It will be available in Pink and Black...250 pieces of each.  Remember that Axtrx has 5 interchangeable mouths.  You can make him happy, sad, blood-sucking... 


New Bunnywith Plush

Rock America and Alex Pardee have released photos of 2 of their newest Bunnywith plush figures.  Bunnywith Recent Steroid Abuse is limited to 300 pieces.  Bunnywith Job Interview might be a little better suited for the kids.  He will also be limited to a run of 300 pieces.  There will also be a 3rd should be available soon.