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REVIEW: Sea Hunter (On Demand)



Patch Together is the website that gives everyone the opportunity of being a toy designer.  Cartoonist Ralph Ferres and German designer VISEone teamed up with Patch Together to release their limited edition Sea Hunter (On Demand) resin figure.

This is a dragon who lives in the near of a big ocean. Twice a day he flies over the water to watch if he could catch a meal. Whenever he sees a poor tuna - it's his.



The packaging for this figure is somewhat nondescript. Since it’s an extremely small run figure, they didn’t shell out money for packaging design.  It’s a simple box with printed out sheets glued to the front and back. Those sheets feature artwork that the resin was based on.  On the inside, the figure is packaged in dual Styrofoam trays.

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The Robolucha Trio


Patch Together has a cool set of little robotic luchadors - Robolucha - available for pre-order.  The 6" tall figures are limited to 300 pieces per colorway (Yellow/Black, Red/Blue, Orange/Grey).  Look for them to be released on December 15th with a price of $100 per set (currently an $80 pre-order price).

is the first robotic Mexican wrestler. Concept is influenced by the
clothe style of the lucha libres. Robolucha have 2 faces, you can
change face appearance by turning his head. Get ready to rumble !!!


REVIEW: Yeti Guy



Patch Together is the toy design competition website that brings together artists from different backgrounds and with varying abilities.  These artists submit their toy designs and then compete to win a shot at having their characters turned into vinyl (or resin) goodness.

The first production piece from Patch Together is the Yeti Guy.  Designed by the London-based artist Nevermore, the Yeti Guy (and Girl) has been released in 3 colorways: brown, white and pink.  This design was the winner of the April ’08 competition.



Each of the Yeti colorways is contained within its very own specialized packaging.  The outer box design includes an illustration of the figure on the front panel, a background scene specific to that character and a background story on the rear panel.  Inside, the piece is contained within interlocking dual plastic trays.

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Lemi the (Vinyl) Space Wanderer?


Eric from has sent word about how he is trying to get his Lemi the Space Wanderer character turned into a vinyl toy via Patch Together.  You might recognize the figure as a somewhat popular paper toy

Lemi started his debut as Deathrockstar Webzine logo mascot, after a few years. A friend help to sculpt Lemi, so that i
design a 3d looks, and based on the 3d design i made it into papertoys
that suddenly become a hits in papertoys, that numerous websites, blogs
and magazine give him spaces as features.

Get a Free Yeti Tee/Tank


Preorder the Yeti Guy Set now (expected to arrive later this month) to receive a free Yeti Tee/Tank.  So, how do you receive your free Yeti shirt?  Preorder Yeti Guy Set (from now until it arrives), and forward your order confirmation email to with your size preferences.  Please label the email subject: I want my Yeti Tee/Tanks!  Supplies are limited, so order soon before they're gone.

We actually have this set (review coming soon) and they are very cool.  Patch Together did a great job on their first release.