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Toy Break Episode 322: Turtleouge!

Scott Tolleson stops by the Toy Break studio to chat with Ayleen and George for this week's edition of Toy Break. Episode 322: Turtleouge! features closer looks at Oreion, Thrashor, Half-Shell Heroes, Bug-A-Salt and much more.

Toy Break Episode 321: Cloud Butt

Ayleen and George have finished up their San Diego Comic Con recap episodes of Toy Break, and return with Episode 321: Cloud Butt. In this week's show, they take a closer look at Walking Duds, Finks, Rainy Day Antagonist, and much more.

Toy Break Episode 320: SDCC Wrap Up Part 3

The Toy Break folks - George, Ayleen, Scott, and Ben - are back for about the third hour of San Diego Comic Con coverage. They continue to reminisce about the event, take a look at some of their SDCC 2014 haul, and chat it up for Episode 320.

Toy Break Episode 319: SDCC Wrap Up Part 2

Ben and Scott are still around for the Toy Break San Diego Comic Con Wrap Up Show - Part 2. The quartet continues to look at items they collected during their time at SDCC 2014.

Toy Break Episode 318: SDCC Wrap Up Part 1

Scott and Ben join Ayleen and George for Toy Break's annual (2014) San Diego Comic Con wrap up. Episode 318: SDCC Wrap Up Part 1 is apparently the first in a multiple part series showing the happenings at this year's San  Diego Comic Con.

Toy Break Episode 317: Pencil-vania!

Attaboy drops by the set of Toy Break to take a look at some incredible toys of yesteryear with Ayleen and George. Sit back and check out Episode 327: Pencil-vania!

Toy Break Episode 316: Everybody Gets Naked!

Scott Tolleson and Shawn Kirkham join Ayleen and George for Episode 316 of Toy Break. Entitled Everybody Gets Naked!, this week's episode takes a closer look at SDCC exclusives from Skybound, The Walking Dead, and much more.

SDCC14: October Toys Debut Releases

October Toys will at San Diego Comic Con manning Booth #4951. And amongst their SDCC 2014 Debuts will be the following:

October Toys SDCC OMFG quasar

OMFG Series 1 Quasar

The translucent hot pink 2" PVC mini figures: Crawdad Kid, Multiskull, Stroll, King Castor, and Phantom Outhouse
$10.00 for the set of five

October Toys SDCC OMFG ghoul

OMFG Series 3 Ghoul

The lavender PVC mini figures: Barbarianaut, Dr. Decay, Fruit Punch, TenCan, and Pugnacious.
$10.00 for the set of five

October Toys SDCC Metal Weapons

Skeleton Warriors Metal Weapon Set

The Glyos compatible weapons including a Skeleton Guard halberd, Skeleton Soldier axe, and Baron Dark's sword. These pewter weapons range from 2.25" to 4.5" and come with a mini print of the concept art for the Skull Hammer/Slasher.

October Toys SDCC Toy Break Calaverita

Toy Break Purple Calaverita

This purple and lavender Calaverita from The Beast Brothers is a Japanese vinyl sofubi Toy Break exclusive!
Limited to 20 pieces
$60.00 each

Also, they will be hosting a toy making panel...Toy Break Presents : Making It Happen - Independent Toy Design! Panel
Thursday July 24th 2014 from 8PM to 9PM in Room 32AB
Learn how independent toy producers are bringing their creations to life in plastic, resin, and plush.
George Gaspar (October Toys), Scott Tolleson (Stolle Art), Dave Bondi (Toy Designer), Carlos East (The Beast Brothers), John “Spanky” Stokes (, and moderated by Ayleen Gaspar (Toy Break).

Toy Break Episode 315: The Woman Is In Charge

Toy Break Episode 314: Poke Me!

Yukari Fujimoto (Flat Bonnie), Nathan Hamill, and Luke Chueh join Ayleen and George for Toy Break Episode 314: Poke Me! This week, they're getting primed for San Diego Comic Con, showing off some exclusives and discussing what we can expect from them.