Skunny Series by TobyHK

Kuso Vinyl is giving you a sneak peek at the Skunny Series of figures designed by TobyHK. Each figure measures 4" in height and will include various accessories. More info … Read More

Mictlan Wax Figure

The folks at Kuso Vinyl has posted these photos of Jesse Hernandez’s Mictlan vinyl figure. These are of the wax piece, which is the step before hitting the vinyl mold.I’m … Read More

Red Jouwe at Wondercon

Designed by Marine Ramdhani, the Red Jouwe – by Kuso Vinyl x MyTummyToys x Plastic Culture – will be officially released at Wondercon (April 2-4, 2010) in San Francisco, CA. … Read More

Noruto Ninja Spiki

Kuso Vinyl will release Nakanari’s Noruto Ninja Spiki at this year’s WonderCon. This version is limited to 150 pieces – including a 50 piece chase red eye bloody version. These … Read More

Fahrenheit First Look

Kuso Designer Toys has revealed some photos of the wax sculpt of the new Fahrenheit figure from Rotobox. Now, this is only the head. So if you’re looking at the … Read More

Mictlan Final Sculpt

Kuso Designer Toys has posted up the final sculpt shots of the Mictlan figure from artist  Jesse Hernandez. If you compare these photos with some of the earlier photos we … Read More

Kuso’s DIY Celsius

Kuso Vinyl is giving you the chance to create your own Celsius. The Celsius DIY figure will soon be available for you to customize. Each DIY figure comes with a … Read More

Spiki Cellphone Charms

Kuso Vinyl and Nakanari have teamed up to release these Spiki cellphone charms. The production is now complete, so you should begin seeing these popping up around soon. And look … Read More

Mictlan from Jesse Hernandez

Artist Jesse Hernandez sent along a sneak peek at the sculpt of his upcoming toy release from Kuso Vinyl. Called Mictlan, it looks like the paint scheme is going to … Read More

Transition Celsius

Kuso Designer Toys is releasing the latest version of their Ganmetall Celsius figure. The Transition Celsius will be available for sale tomorrow (Tuesday February 2nd, 2010). The price of this … Read More

Mikazukin Bell Phone Charm

The Mikazukin Bell Phone Charm – Valentine’s Day Edition is designed by Itokin Park and produced by Kuso Designer Toys. The charm is about 0.8" without strap. This special Valentine’s … Read More