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Fahrenheit OG

fah teaser poster

Kuso Vinyl has revealed official teaser images for the Fahrenheit OG figure from Kuso and Rotobox. The figure is 7" tall (same as Celsius) and comes with a blackboard that stores 4 swords and a mini comic. The figure is packed in a gift box with flocked blister.

The Fahrenheit OG is a limited edition of 300 pieces and is set to be released in August 2010. Look for it to retail at $79.

fah teaser 1
fah teaser 3
fah teaser 4
fah teaser 2


Rotobox Keychain Series

Mikazukin Bell Straps

mikazukin cell charm

Kuso Vinyl has announced a new series of Mikazukin Bell Strap zipper pull phone charms. There will be five different colorways of Mikazukin head zipper pulls, with each one including a strap for your cell phone. You'll be able to pick these up at retail around $3.75 each.

Celsius Overheat Colorway

celsius overheat

Kuso Vinyl has introduced the mockup drawing of the newest colorway of their Celsius figure. From Rotobox, comes the Celsius Overheat vinyl.

This time he lost one of his arms in fighting with his enemy. Soon you will find out who is his enemy!!!! Celsius is waiting for you to save him from overheat!!

Skunny Series by TobyHK

kuso 1

Kuso Vinyl is giving you a sneak peek at the Skunny Series of figures designed by TobyHK. Each figure measures 4" in height and will include various accessories. More info coming soon.

kuso 2

Mictlan Wax Figure

mictlan 1
mictlan 2

The folks at Kuso Vinyl has posted these photos of Jesse Hernandez's Mictlan vinyl figure. These are of the wax piece, which is the step before hitting the vinyl mold.I'm looking forward to seeing the vinyl figure...but this one looks great - almost like a Mayan gold treasure.

Red Jouwe at Wondercon


Designed by Marine Ramdhani, the Red Jouwe - by Kuso Vinyl x MyTummyToys x Plastic Culture - will be officially released at Wondercon (April 2-4, 2010) in San Francisco, CA. These 10" tall vinyl figures will be made available at the Kuso booth (Number 1343). It's limited to a run of 200 pieces, but only 20 pieces will be available at the show ($55 each).

Noruto Ninja Spiki

noruto spiki chase teaser

Kuso Vinyl will release Nakanari's Noruto Ninja Spiki at this year's WonderCon. This version is limited to 150 pieces - including a 50 piece chase red eye bloody version. These will be sold at Kuso's booth #1343 for $75 each. The artist will be in attendance to sign your purchase.

noruto spiki 1
noruto spiki 2

Fahrenheit First Look


Kuso Designer Toys has revealed some photos of the wax sculpt of the new Fahrenheit figure from Rotobox. Now, this is only the head. So if you're looking at the photo - sorta confused - it's just the sculpt from the neck (or scarf) up.

Mictlan Final Sculpt

jesse 1

Kuso Designer Toys has posted up the final sculpt shots of the Mictlan figure from artist  Jesse Hernandez. If you compare these photos with some of the earlier photos we saw, the one glaring difference is the face. The final version appears to have straight lines in the face, which give the piece a stylized look.

jesse 2