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Give Buck Rogers a Hand


Go Hero will be revealing, little by little, bits and pieces of their Buck Rogers 1/6 scale figure.  They are now showing off the sculpt of the hands and the holster for Buck's Atomic Disintegrator.

Buck Rogers’ Atomic Disintegrator


Go Hero has released prototype images of the 1/6 scale Buck Rogers' Atomic Disintegrator.  The ray gun is based on the original Daisy model and will be toted by the 1/6 scale Rogers figure.  The company is planning to release more images of the project as the weeks go on.

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century


Who doesn't remember the old Buck Rogers in the 25th Century television series?  It aired in the early 80's with Gil Gerard as Captain Buck Rogers and Mel Blanc as the voice of Twiki (the little robot).  Probably the most memorable episodes, for me, were the ones with Gary Coleman in them.  But the original Bucks Rogers movie was released way back in 1939.  Enough waxing nostalgic...

Go Hero has announced that they'll be teaming up with Rocket World to produce a number of products base on the original "Man of Tomorrow".  They're set to release a limited edition functioning replica of the Atomic Disintegrator, originally released by Daisy in the 1930s. (the original is pictured below)

Also, keep an eye out for a 1/6 scale line.  Can't wait to see what they come out with next!


Zappy Holidays from Go Hero


Go Hero will see you in 2008 with all new...
Original Properties
Licensed Projects
Space Ships
Ray Guns

REVIEW: Yira: Dragon of Doom



The most feared creature of fantasy & folklore…the dragon has caused castles to crumble & villages to burn. In approximately 250 AD, dragons began to overwhelm the northern countries. The Shokunin, named Merlin, came from the East to find a noble warrior. Merlin found St. George and forged for him Excalibot, a suit of arms that was light as air and sharp as a sword. St. George slew all the dragons but one...Yira. In the final battle, St. George pushed Yira into the mouth of a volcano. Merlin used magic to collapse the walls of the volcano, sealing Yira in a rocky tomb. For centuries Yira has waited, swelling in power and rage, to exact his revenge.

Yira: The Dragon of Doom is the newest character to be released from Go Hero’s Mechabot line of kaiju inspired toys.   One of the many enemies of the hero Mechabot, Yira follows Tentikill as the third vinyl figure released by the company.



There is no packaging to speak of.  The vinyl figure comes with a small tag that wraps around the Yira’s neck.

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The Debut of Yira


Go Hero will be debuting their latest Stargoyle - Yira - at The House of Fun in Oaklyn, New Jersey.  The Dragon of Doom will be landing on February 9th.  There will be 10 glow-in-the-dark exclusives available at the show...get there early!!

Glow Yira from Go Hero


If you're a fan of glow-in-the dark toys or kaiju or Go're in luck!  The Go Hero exclusive Glow Yira is now up for pre-order.  With only 50 produced, there are currently less than 20 figures remaining.  Each Glow Yira runs $100 (+S/H) and comes with an exclusive Yira print and $10 off the Arch Villain Purple Tentikill.

Yira: Dragon of Doom


The newest vinyl figure from Steve Forde and Go Hero is Yira: Dragon of Doom.  This Kaiju beast is ready to fight with your Mechabot...but you'll have to wait a little (September) to get your hands on him.  You do have a chance at checking Yira out at the DKE Toys booth (#4730) at SDCC.

7" in height and 18" in length
6 points of articulation
Run of 500 pieces
Exclusive color details coming soon

The Yira Story:
Unexplored caverns and passageways sprawl beneath the surface of the world.  As man begins to illuminate these dark places, he unearths frightening evidence that there are living things below us.
There exists “Sons of the Leviathan”, ancient creatures that sleep, hide, and wait.  For reasons mysterious and evil, dragons have returned causing devastation in their wake.

Custom Mechabot


February 14th, at the Showroom NYC, the latest book in the MTV Overground series will be launched.  Its topic is the designer and vinyl toy scene.  There will be a number of one off customs on display.  One of them will be this special Mechabot from Go Hero.  It appears as if they found this Mechabot in deep ocean waters – and it experienced a little bit of rust.


Special Offer from Go Hero


Plastic and Plush and Go Hero are offerring Mechabot fans the chance to save some money on  Mechabot and Tentikill vinyl figures through the Go Hero website.  Our exclusive Friend of Go Hero Special Offer can save you money on your favorite Go Hero products.

Available Items include:

Mechabot Kit, Mechabot Matte, Mechabot Metallic, Tentikill (Purple, White or Transluscent) and the Kaijuice CD

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