gh the shadow

Lamont Cranston, aka the Shadow, fought against evil forces with his mysterious ring, his guns, and two fists! In 1930, The Shadow started out as a narrative character on Detective Hour for American radio (most famously played by Orson Welles) and became a word famous pulp magazine. The Shadow is credited in many circles as being the direct inspiration for Batman. The rich character art and story telling has made an indelible mark on pop-culture that has lasted for decades in film, radio, comics, and more.

For the first time ever, The Shadow is available as a detailed 1:6 scale figure. Go Hero and Executive Replicas have created this 12" tall figure that is estimated to ship in Q4 2010. You can now pre-order it through Go Hero's shop for $99.99 plus shipping.

gh shadow 2 gh shadow 3

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