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REVIEW: Crazy Label’s Treeson



Crazy Label
is a fairly new toy company founded by the one and only Wookie.  They currently have a number of projects in the wings, but their first vinyl figure is known as Treeson.

The Treeson character is the main character from an illustrated story by the Hong Kong artist, Bubi Au YeungTreeson and Ren is a story about a creature that was raised by trees.  Ren finds him with a tree branch sticking out from his heart.  The story is about the friendship that the two form and how they face their past.



Treeson is packaged in a bright green, windowless box.  A brief background of the character is written on the rear of the box.  Also, there are drawings of Treeson, as well as some interesting reading.


The Figure

The 5” Treeson is made of rotocast vinyl.  The figure comes with a removable tree branch and is limited to a run of 500 pieces.  If you look at the end of the branch that is inserted into Treeson, you can see his heart.  With a figure that is completely full of little spikes, you won’t want to let him sitting around of the floor to step on.  Don’t worry though; the spikes aren’t actually sharp. 

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NVC’s Kunoichi Tamo Phayani


The NVC Crew (Spive, Johnny ill Digger, and Dr. Bao) have sent in some photos (and a video) of their latest custom project - Kunoichi Tamo Phayani.  This is the not yet to be released Tamo figure from Crazy Label Toys.

The Crew saw the perfect kunoichi (female ninja) in the body shape of the blank Tamo.  So, not only did they customize the Tamo figure, but they aso created a very cool background scenery for it.  They did a great job on this custom...that's 2 excellent custom projects in a row for the NVC Crew.

Introducing Tamo from Alfredo Mejia


Crazy Label Toys will be formally releasing their 2nd toy - Tamo - this coming fall.  However, the mini custom show, called Take a Peek, will be held at the Taipei Toy Festival.

The figures will be 3.5" tall, have 3 different hairstyles and a rotatable head.  Tamo, a toy designed by Alfredo Mejia, is based on a cute, fashionable girl born from a cloud.  Tamo stands for Te Amo, which means I love you in Spanish.

Check out the Crazy Label booth (A14) at TTF06.  Designs from the following artists will be displayed:

Alfredo Mejia, Doktor A., Eddie Hui, Elizabeth Berdann (blu), elio, ESP Crew, idlechimp, James Liu (veggiesomething), Lunartik, MAD, NVC Crew, PlaySkewl, psticks, Shan Michael Evans, SpookyAMD, Triclops, woolloomooloo, and more.


Treeson to Debut at Taipei Toy Fair


Crazy Label has confirmed that Treeson (by Bubi Au Yeung) will debut at this year's Taipei Toy Festival next month.  If you won't be on that side of the globe, don't worry...I'm sure some of our sponsors will have them available for you to purchase. 


Tamo Plastic Samples


I'm sure that you've seen Crazy Label's Treeson figure...but here are the first plastic samples of what will be their second toy venture - Tamo.  Remember that these are the first samples from the mold, so they will be fixing any imperfections.

Treeson Update


Crazy Label has sent a few updated photos of their first product - Treeson.  These are pictures of the latest sample of the figure.  Look for Treeson to be released in July.