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I AM L.I. T-Shirt

I PH LI black

New York pride represented straight from the misfit borough. Phetus proudly lays claim to his home turf and the home of legends. Don't be fooled - L.I. is about street smarts and business savvy. If you can win in NY, you can live on L.I.

The I AM L.I. design is the same for each shirt, but these are handmade and numbered. Phetus has committed to producing 88 white and 88 black shirts before he switches over from hand made to screen printed. You can now pick these up through the Elite Gudz site for $25.00 each.

I PH LI white

Greasebat Combat Shirt

gbcombat grey

The folks from Monster Worship have released this Greasebat Combat Shirt from Jeff Lamm. "Witness these five monsters battle it out with the army and each other! Featuring the original character Greasebat!" The t-shirt is available in white, gray and "girly" styles. Each shirt runs $15.

Smurph T’s from Phetus

smurph t

It's said that "Phetus has amassed over 1000 different items of Smurf memorabilia, including original factory molds and storefront display cases from all around the world. Just like Gargamel, he melts them down, but has yet to produce any gold."

Elite Gudz and Phetus are releasing this Smurph design t-shirt. These are handmade and numbered out of 88. Once these 88 Carolina Blue shirts are sold, they'll be switched over to being screen-printed. You can pick up one of these handmade shirts for $25.

Graffitti Broke My Heart

elite tshirt white original
elite tshirt black original

"Are you the culprit or a victim of a graffiti related incident? Maybe you just got style. Either way - this fresh new T is for you."

Phetus has committed to producing 88 white and 88 black hand made Graffitti Broke My Heart [sic] shirts before he switches the design over from hand made to screen printed. You can now pick them up through the Elite Gudz shop for $25 each.

Gold Coin’s Burn-E 4.20 Edition

f7mn burne420boxset2 1

Everyone's favorite holiday is right around the corner, 4.20. And in honor of the holiday, Gold Coin is releasing a special boxed t-shirt set. The super limited set includes a special colorway of the famous Burn-E tee, a sticker pack, and a button that matches the tee. Order by April 13th and your guaranteed to be fitted by 4.20.

X2 Wolverine Motorcycle Suit

wolverine suit

During the recent Wizard World Toronto Comic-Con, UD Replicas unveiled their new X2 Wolverine Motorcycle Suit – including leather jacket, pants and gloves as seen in X2: X-Men United. They'll begin accepting orders online in late April.

I'm not sure if they'll be ready for your San Diego trip, but you might as well start growing those mutton chops now. FYI - if you ever see me at SDCC dressed up as anything other than myself, I give you permission to punch me.

GC Season #11: T-Shirts

gold coin shirts

With Spring 2010 around the corner, Gold Coin will be releasing their new collection. Over the next month, they'll be releasing different batches of goods from Season #11. The first things to drop are the t-shirts - five new styles each available in two different colorways (a total of 10 different possible tees). Each shirt runs $30.

Lunartik’s Freak in a Hat


New from Lunartik are the Freak in a Hat Limited Edition T-shirts. The Freak in a Hat T-shirts from Matt JOnes are limited to only 100 pieces. The 3 color screen print 100% cotton men's white T-shirt is available in sizes S through XL.

Here's how to order:
Call the Skype Freak Line and listen to the voice mail for instructions!
Skype ID: thefreakline

freakline 2


bytees highlights qualitytime
bytees e card 2010 ENG

Dennis - of Bytedust fame - has announced a new online t-shirt shop named BYTEES.
All of these tees have been exclusively designed for BYTEES. They range in price from €19.95 to €28.95 (about $28 to $40).

Mini Billy Necklace


To finish out February's "Month of Billy", Blamo Toys is proud to reveal the newest addition to their limited edition brass accessories line - the Mini Billy Necklace. This stylish oxidized brass pendent hung on a 60cm brass chain. These are hand cast by Blamo Toys and produced in very limited quantities and run $35 each.