Go Hero has returned to the designer vinyl scene with the announcement of the Zappy pre-order. Teaming up with Executive Replicas, the 9-inch tall vinyl is currently available to pre-order for $129.99. The figure includes a handful of accessories, including: Dr. Moleculon’s Oblit-O-Ray (Ray gun accessory); Sky Marshal 3000 Rocket Pack (Jet pack accessory); Radiation Resistant Atomitech Onesie; Cosmic-Cranial Containment Unit; Xeno-Detector Z-Ray Visor; Auto-Fusion Power Holster.

Way back in 2004(?), I handed out my first ever Toy of the Year to Go Hero's Mechabot. So I am thrilled to see them return to original work. And from the image below, it appears that Zappy will likely be the first in a line of vinyl collectibles.

What happens when a boy is brain-blasted by a Martian Mind-Master, cursing him with cosmic secrets beyond human comprehension? Zappy – Mysterious Laser Boy of Space© is born!

Zappy© uses his alien abilities and trusty Atomitech© to take on Moon Goons©, Mechanibals©, Monsteroids© in the Forgotten Future©!

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