Okay...I know that NBA 2K22's Courtside Report is often a convoluted mess of information. So I am here to break down what to expect in Iced Out - Season 3 of MyTeam.

  1. Clutch Time: The new 5v5 mode will be a 5-minute long quarter featuring a 14 second shot clock and a 4-point line. You get 2 timeouts. There's no bench. In the last 2 minutes, both teams are in the bonus. And OT is first basket wins. There's a 50 win "ladder to climb", with 5 levels - each level being 10 wins. But 3 losses on a level will get you reset (you get reset to the level you're currently on - not all the way to the beginning).
  2. Festivity!: Ornament basketballs return. If you collect all 30 teams, you get the Vintage and Beach Ball, which means it's possible to get the Fire Ball this season (well before previous years).
  3. City Jerseys and City Courts: More items to boost you up collector levels. Jerseys can be earned via Triple Threat Online by winning a game with 3 players from that team. Courts can be earned by matching each team's highest scoring output for an individual player. So, you'll need to score 100 points with a Warriors player in Rookie Domination...before that player succumbs to an injury.
  4. New Domination: A new Domination will be coming sometime during the season. This one will feature an unnamed Pink Diamond card as the reward. And you won't need to complete the previous three Dominations to play this one (no word on if you'll need 33 stars to unlock it)
  5. Def Jam Recordings: 10 songs from Def Jam artists are being added to the in-game soundtrack, however, none of them were featured in the film Krush Groove - so I'm uninterested.

And then we have all of the real rewards that everyone is wondering about.

  1. Level 40: Galaxy Opal Allen Iverson
  2. Beyond Level 40: Option (Choice) Pack - Hagan, Drummond, Majerle, 4 Pink Diamond Triple Threat Rewards
  3. Clutch Time: 10 wins - Ruby Julius Randle; 20 wins - Amethyst someone; 30 wins - Diamond Al Horford; 40 wins - someone; 50 wins - Pink Diamond Damian Lillard; Pink Diamond Michael Redd available on every wheel spin
  4. Ascension Board: Pink Diamond Cliff Hagan
  5. Draft Ascension Board: Pink Diamond Andre Drummond
  6. Limited: Pink Diamond Dan Majerle (6 rings needed)
  7. Unlimited: Pink Diamond Jason Richardson
  8. Signature Challenge: Ruby Damian Lillard Perimeter Centric Head Coach
  9. Triple Threat Rewards: Mention of 4 new Pink Diamond cards available throughout the season - not who they are yet

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