Well, hello there. Remember me? I've been reporting on designer toy and collectible news since the early aughts. Then, I just went dormant for four months. The strange thing is that the site continued to get similar hits, but not a one person contacted me to see if I was dead. (I'm not)

I had always said the day I no longer enjoyed doing this, I'd stop. The daily grind of simply reposting press releases wore on me. Couple this with the fact that the site has been in the red for the past decade (that's zero revenue plus me paying for hosting/services), and I didn't feel beholden to anyone but myself to keep it running.

Of course, there was the pandemic and family-related health issues - which have really made me reassess what's important and helped me focus on doing what makes me happy. One of those things I needed to reassess was Plasticandplush.com.

I had started this site during the infant stages of the designer toy trend. I watched it grow until the bubble burst. And I've seen what's cropped up in its place. And what I've always enjoyed is connecting with artists and helping to promote their work. Giving everyone the same platform to show his or her passion and to achieve a following.

I enjoy writing. Who knows if I'm any good at it. But I like injecting my snarky humor into everything that exits through my fingertips. I had lost that. Plasticandplush became like every other "toy news blog" (I actually hate using the term blog for this site).

So, like the phoenix from the ashes, Plasticandplush.com shall rise again. However, the days of the regurgitated press release will be gone. I will still be reporting on the collectible and toy universe, but the site's subject matter will be expanded to all things "nerd culture" related. 

I hope you will enjoy reading/watching the new content as much as I enjoy producing. And if not......


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