Underverse has released WWR2 Tracker and Nomad Nom + PC Square 1/6th scale collectible figures for pre-order. Created and designed by artist Ashley Wood, each figure is available for $200.00.

Each of the figure sets includes the following:

    • PC Square
    • NEMIZA Revolver with Scope
    • Grenade
    • NEMIZA + Grenade Hip Holster with Faux Leather Buckled Straps
    • Two Gas Canisters
    • Two Gas Canister Holsters with Brown Faux Leather Straps
    • Three pairs of NOM Hands – Fist, Weapon, Open
    • Pair of Faux Leather Boots (Left + Right)
    • Faux Leather Jacket with Sherpa Lining
    • Denim Jeans
    • Long Sleeve NOM Shirt

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