Hasbro and Threezero have announced their collaboration on a new series of 1/6 scale collectible figures redesigned by Threezero as inspired by Hasbro’s retro G.I. Joe characters. The first of these releases is the G.I. Joe – 1/6 Snake Eyes.

Pre-orders begin on October 25th 2020 at 9AM HKT (9PM ET on October 24th) and will be available via three zero and their distributors. There's no word on pricing as of right now.

Accessories include the following:

    • One Pistol with Holster
    • One Uzi Submachine Gun
    • One Tactical Knife
    • Two Katanas with Sheathes
    • Three Smoke Grenades
    • Three Stun Grenades
    • Pair of Fists
    • Pair of Relaxed Hands
    • Pair of Hands for holding Firearms
    • Pair of Hands for holding other Weapons

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