Lulubell drops new Splurrt releases

Lulubell Toys will be dropping two new releases from Splurrt this Saturday (April 18th 2020) at 9AM PT.

The "Torch Light" Hell Cattle (shown above) features a GID vinyl head set on a black vinyl body with bronze, gold, and black sprays, a black rub, and hand-painted stitching. The 8.75-inch tall vinyl figure will run $150.00 plus shipping. (Also, an unpainted GID/Black - not pictured - will be available for $135.00 plus shipping). 

The "Pickled Cabbage" Hambone (shown below) stands approximately 3.5 inches in height. The purple base vinyl features pink, red, silver, and black sprays with hand-painted stitching. It will run $85.00 plus shipping.

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