Fools Paradise has released a pair of Popeye collectibles for pre-order. The Popeye x Fools Paradise - Olive collectible (pictured above) measures approximately 13 inches in height. Limited to a run of 398 pieces, the piece can be pre-ordered for $220.00 plus $30.00 for global shipping. It's expected to begin shipping in Q2 of 2020.

There's also the Popeye x Fools Paradise - Bundle Set (Vintage Edition). Olive measures 13 inches in height, while Popeye is 13.5 inches, and Brutus is 18 inches tall. The set is limited to a run of 398 pieces and is expected to ship in Q2 of 2020. You can currently pre-order the set for $820.00 plus $80.00 for global shipping.

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