The first release from their Mondo Mecha collection, Mondo has announced The Iron Giant pre-order availability. Standing approximately 12.5 inches tall with 35+ points of articulation, The Iron Giant is available in standard and Mondo Exclusive versions. The standard edition runs $200.00, while the Mondo Exclusive versions goes for $205.00. Both are expected to ship by the end of September 2020.

The Iron Giant figure includes the following:

    • Four interchangeable heads: Regular, Angry, Squinting, and Battle Mode
    • Magnetic "S" that can be attached to the figure's chest
    • Six interchangeable pairs of hands
    • Girder "meal"
    • Interchangeable Battle Mode Arm
    • Removable pair of teeth that can be used with all heads
    • Hogarth in Junked Car accessory (Mondo Exclusive)
    • Interchangeable Sad Iron Giant head (Mondo Exclusive)

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