Hasbro x Threezero presents the DLX Soundwave and Ravage from the Transformers Bumblebee film. Soundwave (and his devotee spy-trooper Ravage) are the next characters released from the Transformers DLX Collectible Figure Series.

Standing in at 11.2 inches tall, the DLX Soundwave features 80 points of articulation, LED illuminated eyes, a Sonic Cannon, foldable Ravage (in robot-mode), and die-cast metal parts.

You can currently pre-ordder the Soundwave and Ravage figure from three zero for $209.00 with worldwide shipping included in the price.

The DLX Soundwave and Ravage include the following:

      • Approximately 11.2 inches tall
      • 80 Points of Articulation
      • Die-cast Metal Parts
      • LED Illuminated Eyes
      • Foldable Ravage (Robot mode)
      • Sonic Cannon
      • Pair of fists
      • Pair of relaxed hands
      • Pair of spread finger hands
      • Pair of weapon holding hands
      • Left Command Hand
      • Action Stand with Base

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