Mondo has released their Mogwai Tiki Mug Stackers. The Tiki Mug Stackers are 3 mini (8oz) mugs that can be stacked into one tiki totem. Each mini mug epresents a different Mogawi with a rule-rune on the back - Gizmo with water, Stripe with bright light, and Hungry Mogwai with feeding after midnight. These mugs are designed Michael Bonanno, sculpted by Tom "Thor" Thordarson, and produced by Tiki Farm.

The Mogwai Tiki Mug Stackers are available in three different color variants: Mogwai Variant - multicolored Mogwai glaze combination; Yum Yum Variant - candy coral glaze; Gizmo Caca Variant - classic tiki brown glaze. They run $70.00 for each set.

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