Flat Bonnie will be at DesignerCon 2019 with a number of plush creations - and some collaborations. They'll be available at Booth #2302. Several of these are available to pre-order over at the Flat Bonnie website.

Snax'on and Baby Snax (Baby Alien plushes)
10 inches tall - Limited Edition Plush (Color: White with Color Shifting Metallic Vinyl Pleather accents)
Snax-on: $45.00 each Baby Snax: $20.00 each

Flat Bonnie x Thomas Han Collaboration - Mushi Mushi Mushroom
8.5-inch tall Limited Edition Plush
$80.00 each

Flat Bonnie x 2 Dumb Dinos Collaboration - Flat 2 Dumb Dinos Plush Set
5.75-inch tall plush - Scumbag (purple) and Dingus (green)
$60.00 set

Flat Bonnie x Touma Collaboration - Flat Hitch Bear Plush
7.5-inch tall handmade plush
$45.00 each

Flat Bonnie x Giant Robot Collaboration - Boba People Plush
6-inch tall plush based on the enamel pin designs by Eric Nakamura (aka Giant Robot).
Available at Giant Robot Booth #2200

Skips in Space for "Hamilltoon" Art Show at DesignerCon
12-inch square wall art available at Hamilltoon Booth #3217

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