Titan Entertainment has announced the exclusives that they will be bringing to San Diego Comic-Con 2019 Booth #5537. They include the following (in order of the above picture).

  • Doctor Who: Thirteenth Doctor with Materializing TARDIS 3-inch Kawaii TITAN 2-pack
  • Doctor Who: Thirteenth Doctor 3-inch tall TITAN
  • Game Of Thrones: Young Dragons Glow-in-the-Dark 3-pack
  • The Beatles' Yellow Submarine: Blue Meanie 3-inch Glow-in-the-Dark TITAN
  • The Beatles' Yellow Submarine: Yellow Submarine 3-inch Glow-in-the-Dark TITAN
  • Predator: Predator 3-inch Glow-in-the-Dark TITAN
  • Aliens: Bullet-Damaged Alien Warrior 3-inch TITAN

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