On the historic road to SPAWN 300 and 301, Todd McFarlane Productions will be relaunching licensed SPAWN merchandise for the first time in over a decade. That merchandise assortment includes SPAWNt-shirts, pins, lanyards, vinyl figures, and - finally - an exclusive SPAWN art print and comic book. These items are 2019 Event Exclusive merchandise and range from Classic to Modern SPAWN. 

There are two t-shirts available, including the SPAWN Orb T-shirt and the SPAWN Parody T-shirt (both shown below). The SPAWN Orb T-shirt features the classic SPAWN logo. The SPAWN Parody T-shirt pays homage to the anti-hero's iconic red cape. Both shirts are available in sizes ranging from small to 3X and are priced at $25.00.

There are five exclusive pins included in the collection (seen above): SPAWN Logo Pin, SPAWN Parody Pin, SPAWN Triangle Pin, SPAWN Skull Pin, and SPAWN Orb Pin. The price of these pins ranges from $10.00 - $12.00. Plus, there's a SPAWN Logo Lanyard ($10.00) that you can attach those pins to.

THey've also announced the SPAWN BumBumz Vinyl Figures. Including an exclusive art card that features a scene from SPAWN Kills Everyone 2, there are two versions to choose from - Black or Blue - and they run $25.00 each.

As far as San Diego Comic Con items...you can grab both the SPAWN Art Print ($20.00) and the SDCC Exclusive SPAWN Comic Book at Image Comics Booth #1915.

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