Mondo has announced the pre-order availability of their The Predator Tiki Mug. Featuring a tiki-ized Predator on one side and Major "Dutch" Schaefer on the other, the mug holds approximately 40 oz. of your favorite liquid beverage. The artists on these mugs include Tank Standing Buffalo, Tufan Sezer, and Tiki Farm. The mugs are set to be released in four different color ways, described below. Each one is expected to ship beginning in April 2019.

Predator Tiki Mug - Standard Version

Predator Tiki Mug - Val Verde Variant (Mondo Exclusive)
Edition of 600 pieces

Predator Tiki Mug - Mud Camo Variant (Mondo Exclusive)
Edition of 400 pieces

Predator Tiki Mug - Jungle Came Alive Variant (Designer Con Exclusive)
Edition of 200 pieces

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