From the hit movie "Thor: Ragnarok" comes the Loki Nendoroid: DX Version. GoodSmile is currently taking pre-orders (through February 27th 2019) for the 4-inch tall figures.

The Loki Nendoroid includes a lot of accessories. It comes with four face plates, including a standard glaring expression, a condescending expression, the listless expression from his famous "surprise" line, as well as a determined laughing expression. His iconic helm with two horns can be attached onto the face plates and he can also be displayed without the helm. He comes with two knives connected to his hands with transparent parts to recreate him spinning the knives in the air, and he also comes with the box and chain to complete the "surprise" scene. A body part of his black suit is also included with standard arm parts and crossed arm parts. The Crown of Surtur has also been recreated in Nendoroid form. A Tesseract part placeable on the stand base and a stand base made to resemble the Bifrost is also included.

Look for the Loki Nendoroid: DX Version to sell for ¥8,056 (about $80.00). It's expected to begin shipping in August 2019.

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