Time is running out to enter the Plaseebo Lottery for the Plaseebo custom “Franken On Ice” - a one of a kind, 9 inch tall, hand cast piece that weighs in at 6 pounds of tinted clear resin with a switched color-changing LED unit mounted in the base. The resin has been sculpted, painted, and signed by artist Bob Conge.

This will be available via lottery, with the winner receiving an email by January 4th 2019 (figure will ship following payment due by January 6th). The piece will be available to purchase (if you win) for $650.00 plus $40.00 for US shipping or $95.00 for world-wide shipping.

To enter the lottery, please send the following to bob@plaseebo.net

1. Name
2. Shipping Address
3. Country
4. Telephone Number
5. PayPal Email Address
6. Instagram / Facebook ID

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