The Mezco Toyz One:12 Collective Freddy Krueger figure is currently available to pr-order via their site. The figures features four head portraits, capturing the fearsome expressions of the dream demon, including one with a removable faceplate that reveals a skull sculpt - from the iconic scene where Freddy & Tina have a fatal encounter. Freddy is outfitted in his infamous striped sweater and comes complete with his signature clawed gloves and a trash can lid, straight from Tina’s nightmare.

The Freddy Krueger figure can be pre-ordered for $80.00 plus shipping, and expected delivery is between July and September 2019.

The One:12 Freddy Krueger figure features the following:

  • Four head portraits
  • Claw hand (R)
  • Pointing claw hand (R)
  • Posing hand (L)
  • Grappling hand (L)
  • Severed finger hand (L)
  • Fist (L)
  • Fedora
  • Striped sweater
  • Slacks
  • Work boots
  • Trash can lid
  • One:12 Collective display base with logo
  • One:12 Collective adjustable display post

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