GoodSmile has announced a pair of new Nendoroid figures that will definitely excite Disney fans. From Steamboat Willie comes the Nendoroid Mickey Mouse: 1928 Version (Color). This version of the approximately 4-inch tall Nendoroid features a color version of Mickey based on the few documents of Mickey's color design from the time. He comes included with a smiling standard expression and a whistling expression, allowing you to recreate famous scenes of Mickey at the ship's wheel from the film. The included ship's wheel can be rotated to allow for all kinds of posing options. Mickey also comes with both long and short arm parts as well as standard and bent leg parts, allowing you to recreate a variety of poses. The stand base features a design based on a steamboat deck. You can currently pre-order this figure for ¥4,815 (about $43.00).

Also, if you're a traditionalist, there's the Nendoroid Mickey Mouse: 1928 Version (Black & White) figure. While maintaining his appearance from that time, he's been brought down to adorable Nendoroid size - using only black, white, and grey. This version includes the same items as the color version and can also be pre-ordered for ¥4,815 (about $43.00).

The pre-order window for both figures ends on November 28th 2018, with the figure shipping around May 2019.

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