Tenacious Toys has announced another group of New York Comic Con 2018 releases and exclusives that will be available from their Booth #780 (and possibly website, afterwards). 

Jon of Rampage Toys custom painted the Tenacious Toys "Mexifubi" 5-inch Danger Dog figures in a bright, metallic color scheme. There will be 10 pieces available for $75.00 each.

There will be a small group of Micro Cabriolet Racers, which are sofubi mini figures presented in a 3-pack. Only 6 sets will be available and they will run $27.00 for the set. Only 6 sets will be available.

The Rampage Toys Ugly Unicorn 5-inch sofubi gets his cosplay on as the Ugly Hulkicorn. There will be 10 pieces available at NYCC (a second wave of a maximum 12 pieces available as pre-order from Tenacious after the show). They will run $35.00 each.

The last piece from Rampage Toys is the Micro Poo Hulk. This 2-inch tall micro sofubi figure will be limited to 15 pieces and run $12.00 each.

Also, the full lineup of 4-inch XXRAY figures by Jason Freeny & Mighty Jaxx will be available, including 18 total DC characters, plus the available characters from the tokidoki, Adventure Time, Sticky Monster Lab and Looney Tunes lineups. The total count is about 30 different XXRAY figures. Most will be priced at $20.00, with a few deluxe sets at $25.00 or $30.00. There will be approximately 10 units of each character available for purchase.

A selection of Classicbot items will be available, including the standard Classicbot ($29.00), a rare Black edition of the Classicbot, and the Trashbot and Friends Playset ($32.00). Only a handful of each of these will be available. Alongside these figures, the prototype for the upcoming iBot G3 figure will be on display.

And a wide selection of the Mechatro WeGo robot figures will be available, including the new Tiny WeGo blind boxes ($10.00 each). The newest 35Mechatro WeGo 10cm figures will be available, including both Tokyo and Japan, as well as a generous selection of other 1:35-scale models at $30.00 to $35.00 each. There will be 2 colorways of the larger 22cm WeGos available (white and turquoise) at $150.00 each.

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