Mondo has released a series of Jurassic Park: Baby Raptor Tiki Mugs. This species of 6-inch tall mugs holds approximately 16 oz, and features the Baby Raptor breaking through her shell, sitting atop her nest, with the JURASSIC PARK logo embossed underneath. The tiki mug will be available in three glazeways - Standard, Blue, Isla Nublar (n additional version featuring the Alamo Drafthouse Brown Glaze will be available at a later date). They're expected to begin shipping in Q1 of 2019.

The Baby Raptor Tiki Mug Standard Version (shown above) features a Fossil Brown wiped glaze. It's available for $38.00.

The Baby Raptor Tiki Mug Isla Nublar Variant - a Mondo Exclusive variant - features a deep green glaze. It's an edition of 650 pieces and can be purchased for $42.00.

Finally, the Baby Raptor Tiki Mug Blue Variant - also a Mondo Exclusive variant - features a wiped blue glaze on a white base. This version is an edition of 275 pieces, running $50.00 each.

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