DKE Toys will be at San Diego Comic Con 2018 Booth #5045 with a number of exclusive items. We bring you the first six announcements...

Ewokalypse Now by SkipBroToys
I love the smell of Ewoks in the morning. Signed limited edition, hand cast and hand painted carded figure. Featuring card art by David Withers.
Edition of 30 pieces
$55.00 each

3001: A Lad In Space by Lazarus Toys
Ground control to SDCC2018 this thing just landed! Signed limited edition, hand cast and hand painted 3.75” carded figure. Featuring figures hand cast by @dllcustoms, art by @mdcn, head sculpt by @hamfx, card art printed by @kmalone_chimera and painted and designed by @galacticjerkbag.
Edition of 50 pieces
$75.00 each

Stripewok by Little Lazies
Meet Stripewok! Each piece is hand sculpted by Leah Lester of Little Lazies.
Edition of 30 pieces
$55.00 each

Wookie Hash Pipe: Chewbee by Jim Mahfood
Jim Mahfood, comic book artist extraordinaire, has created his own Sci-Fi universe series, Wookie Hash Pipe. The third installment Chewbee is transformed from Jim's hand to real life by sculptor George Gaspar. Each figure is hand cast and hand painted resin and measures approx 4" tall (still 3.75" scale because he is a little taller than the other dudes).
Edition of 50 pieces

Cantina Denizen by Manly Art
You can bet when he sidles up to the bar everyone knows his name. There’s nothing like a hand painted portrait of an old friend. Each backing card is an original painting! All 24 are different portraits of this kindly fellow.
Edition of 24 pieces
$150.00 each

Dark Invader by Buzzard Guts
Sometimes inspiration comes from a bootleg of a rip off of an homage. Buzzard Guts made our Dark Invader dreams come true. Hand cast and painted 3.75" scale carded figure.
Edition of 50 pieces
$65.00 each

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