Mondo has teamed up with poster artist Rory Kurtz to create illustrated pieces that capture the essence of the characters Jesse and Cassidy from the AMC series Preacher. This artwork was then used to create statues (sculpted by Mathew Black and painted by Mara Ancheta) that not only looked like Rory's paintings in pose but were painted as if each of them were followed by their own personal light source.

The Jesse Custer Statue stands approximately 10 inches in height and is available to pre-order for $240.00.The Cassidy Statue measures in around 12 inches tall and also runs $240.00. There are also Mondo Exclusives versions of each statue, which includes a 18x24 inch print of Jesse or Cassidy by Rory Kurtz - these run an additional $10.00 ($250.00 total). And if you're a Preacher superfan who is looking to pick up everything, the Bundle includes both statues and prints for $450.00. Look for these to begin shipping in Q1 of 2019.

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